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    My name is Marta I’m from Poland and in next year me and my fiancé planned to go to university in Australia. We have some question about city, which one is the best for study and working? Agent from immigration office recommend for us Townsville. It is good city for young people (we have 22 years now)? How about night life and study there? Because we heard that in smaller city in Australia immigrants are unacceptable and is very difficult to find a job. Maybe you life in Townsville or you have friends from there than we will be very grateful for any information. Which another city in Australia you recommend? We have planned to study, me cooking and my fiancé want to be a car mechanic. Are we make a good choice?


    Marta and Marek


    Townsville is a large city on the coast in tropical Qld. It also has a large army base. The night life there is very intense with lots of testosterone fueled soldiers and public drunkeness. I find that the city is too hot in summer and the night life is not my cup of tea. I dont even know if Townsville has a university. I have never heard of it if it does.

    I would prefer Armidale, which is a country town in NSW. It has a large university and a cooler climate. I think you would find work there without too much trouble. Mechanics are always needed. The university in Armidale is also well respected.


    Hi, we have been in townsville for a few years and I would recommend it.

    Yes there is a large university here which has won a number of awards. The social life is very good, there is a street of nightclubs and many fine restaraunts. There seems to be plenty of work here (sorry we both had jobs went we got here) and as long as your English is ok you’ll be fine.

    Not sure about the public drunk michael1973 has mentioned, perhaps it depends where you go to drink. :shrug: there is a little bit of racism but it’s directed at the indigenous population.

    We have rain every year during the wet season, plenty of water all year round. There is a large airport here and cruise ships dock regularly. Magnetic island is just off the coast and the witsundays are just down the road. Google Townsville, qld.


    Hi Marta. I have never been to Townsville, but I can recommend Adelaide (South Australia). There are many international students studying here and there is an active night life if that is what you are after. Some people say it’s like a big country town in the city. Perhaps tell us about what you are looking for in your city of choice. For example, what sort of climate would you like? What size population? What hobbies/leisure activities do you have? What are you studying?


    Townsville may be a bit of a temperature and humidity shock for someone from Poland to live comfortably. You’d end up living inside all the time stuck under the air conditioner.

    Regardless of where you come from, I’d recommend Melbourne as a place to study and live. The nightlife is a bit more sophisticated, public transport is more European, and the climate is like being stuck in a weather blender 🙂

    This is a completely objective opinion because I don’t even live in the same state!

    Melbourne has a very big Polish community as well. They hold the Polska Festival each year at Federation Square in central Melbourne. If you were ever concerned about racism then this would be my recommendation.

    I’m very surprised that a Polish immigration agent would recommend Townsville. It sounds like the complete opposite advice that they should be giving. I’d be suspicious that they are paid a small commission for sending people to Townsville or Queensland. I wouldn’t recommend it for a European to live there.

    If you were looking for work as a cook, Melbourne has a vast social life involving restaurants and cafes. It also has large industrial areas and the docks that would support jobs such as a mechanic, and you might even be able to find work through the local Polish community.

    You should contact the Polish Community Council of Victoria for more information and advice.


    For someone from a cold climate, Townsville will kill you with its heat and humidity!


    Bron post=325507 wrote: For someone from a cold climate, Townsville will kill you with its heat and humidity!

    Yes, give Townsville a miss at least for starters I think Marta.Sounds as though Melbourne would suit you both well.Brisbane in Queensland is a good city too for study and the social scene and the climate is pleasant for most of the year, summer can be hot and humid at times.Perth is a great city too, can be hot but humidity is generally low but Perth is a loooooooooong way from the other major cities.I would think there’s a Uni there.

    All the best for your decisions.Happy travelling and please let us know when you get here!

    PS. How did you come across this ALS forum to ask your question???


    Agree, I probably wouldn’t choose Townsville first off. Melbourne is a good option if you don’t mind a larger city. Probably the more cosmopolitan of our larger cities.

    If you are looking for something smaller, but still with a good nightlife and entertainment etc (my stepson is about your age and he tells me there are plenty of places to go!) as well as education opportunities, you may want to look at Canberra too. Our nations capital and no problem with nationality as this is where all the Embassies are so a very multinational community. Main drawback is that accommodation costs are higher than some places. Canberra is within an hour or two of the snow fields and the beach and about three hours (or 50 minutes by plane) from Sydney so plenty of places for good weekend escapes too)

    Some info on the Canberra Polish community here:

    To get an idea of ACT housing prices so you would know what you were in for:

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