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Bel's Wood Oven & Pond (& Fairy Mosaic)

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    Oh wow! That looks so cool!! Erm, hot. You know what I mean :laugh:


    Our new wood oven got a good work-out this weekend. DH fired it up yesterday morning and we had friends for lunch (cooked 9 pizzas, garlic bread and roasted capsicums – yum!). This morning it was still at 270 degrees! I cooked 2 loaves of wholemeal bread followed by 2 loaves of fruit loaf. Mudhen came to visit and popped in a chicken casserole around lunch time. I then cooked some Asian marinaded ribs and lastly a batch of apple muffins tonight. Phew! If I wasn’t working tomorrow, it would be perfect weather to slow-cook something as it’ll probably be low 100’s for most of the day. A very efficient cooking source!! It’ll be nice when DH finds time to render it as well.


    The wood oven is now finished – aesthetically as well as functionally! It got a massive work-out over Christmas. Cooked a ton of pizzas, bread, rolled pork roast, ‘beer can turkey’, roast veg etc. We use it most weekends to cook in because it’s so efficient and stops the house heating up by using the indoor oven. With one firing, it can cook pizzas in the evening, roasts/bread etc the following day, slow-cooked meals on day 3 and there’s enough resdidual heat on day 4 for slowing drying food (which I haven’t done more of, but should do so).


    Here’s the pond today. I just looked over the photos taken a few months ago and didn’t realise how much some of the plants had grown! The lambs ears need a trim, but they attract the bees and I don’t want to get stung. I’ve got some big taddies in there atm that aren’t far off becoming frogs – woohoo! The added bonus is attracting bees, wasps and other insects to the water area which is great for the garden.


    love tadpoles.

    my daughters been nagging me to pop a pond in the backyard, but I already get eaten by mozzies most evenings, and it just means more work for me, her ideas, I seem to do the work


    Fantastic! Both projects look marvellous, well done both you and hubby bel. :clap:

    Well it’s 3 projects isn’t it, I love the mosaic too and it looks great in the garden. You are very creative bel, something I’m not, but I enjoy looking at what other folk do. Thanks so much for the info and the pics. :tup:


    they are all so lovely, well done 🙂


    Wow thats beautiful Bel


    Awesome job on the oven – love how it looks. Pond is beautiful too. Lookin’ real good at your place.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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