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    Hi guys,

    This is our first year as part of the Open Garden scheme. Our garden will be open on Sat/Sun 29/30 Jan. As the date draws closer, we hope that there’s enough interesting things for people to look at :unsure:

    Anyway, invitation is there for any ALR’s who might want to come along and have a look. Just send me a PM and I’ll give you our address. We could have a little GTG here if you like – I’m just not sure how many people will come through and if I’ll get a chance to have a sit and mingle (I sure hope so!).

    I’ll upload some pics of our garden in the next few days so you can what’s here (a little sneak peek).





    Hi Bel, thanks for the invite!

    Don’t think we are near you though as I would love to see your garden.

    Just have to make do with your pics then 🙂 load em up when ready!


    We are not near enough either Bel, But hope all goes well. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.


    Wish we were closer:(


    Thanks guys for your support. I’ve had a few members send me PMs querying about a time for a GTG. Not sure if I’ll be able to organise that side of things, so if anyone wants to get the ball rolling, feel free. We’ll be open both days from 10am – 4.30 p.m.

    I hope that people can see what can be done on a typical suburban block. We live in a newish development in metro Adelaide and our garden is certainly not the norm!

    Will try to post some pictures. Here goes….

    This is the aquaponics system. A bit bare at the moment because we’ve just pulled out a heap of seeding veggies etc. Will replant in the next few days.

    Our banana palm – its first summer. It has sent up 2 tiny pups – woohoo!

    Our sweet potatoes have taken off with rattlesnake climbing beans in the background:

    Raspberries & boysenberries have just finished the first flush of berries. More to come in the next few months:

    The corn patch:

    More to come next post.

    Attached files


    The first eggplant – a long thin variety:

    Jerusalem artichokes left in the ground from last year have sprouted:

    Female kiwi fruit vine – first summer:

    Our ‘donut’ peach tree. Haven’t tried the fruit yet – can’t wait til they’re ripe!! It has been in the ground about a year or so I reckon:

    The rhubarb patch. I’m hoping DH will try the rhubarb champage recipe!

    More next post.


    This chook has a pen of her own because the others were picking on her and nearly killed her. You can see our lemon and orange trees in front. Unfortunately we had to replace the lemon tree last year and the orange tree has started a valiant come back from near-dead. They don’t like our heavy clay soil.

    The strawberry patch has been productive this year:

    A teepee of beans made from recycled garden gates. The rockmelon and watermelon are trailing underneath.

    Our front yard with multi-grafted pear and nectarine trees with squash/zucchini/pumpkins trailing underneath:

    I will post pictures of our tomatoes (3 garden beds!) on the tomato thread.

    Attached files


    That looks great, Bel. It’s fab to see more food gardens in the open garden scheme.

    i hope it goes well.



    Terrific pic’s Bel.. I hope you get loads of people through. All the best for the weekend 🙂


    Bel I just love the little hen house.


    unfortunately I don’t even live in the same state

    nice garden

    sue e

    looks really good bel! i’m sure visitors will find plenty to look at. all the best.


    I’m very interested in coming along. You have an aquaponics set up don’t you? I might be able to drag OH along, as he is interested in them. 🙂


    Thanks guys. I sure hope so.

    Ravyk, we do have aquaponics systems. Will PM you our address.


    Bump for those who may have missed it the first time. Looking forward to meeting some of you! 🙂

    Those coming will get to meet this little guy (or girl). He came with the name ‘Lucky’, but I’ve been calling him ‘Peeps’ because he peeps constantly and he thinks he’s people.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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