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    Hi all,

    DH has been diagnosed with Barmah Forest Virus – a mozzie borne virus similar to Ross River Fever.

    He is currently quite crook….aching joints, hot sweatts (I mean gushing sweat!), headache, lethagy and dizzy spells.

    Doc has put him on steroid course (yuck), and he is due back fro review tmrw.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Any ideas of natural remedies that may help? So far, nothing seems to help.

    Thanks, I appreciate your help.:|


    I had RRV back in the 90s. I recommend a natural therapist. GP’s in my experience are unable to assist. It can be a long hard road, with long-term effects. 🙁 If only I knew then, what I know now! Rest heaps, even when hubby thinks he is feeling better, and do not return to work until really, really well.

    I do not see how steroids will ‘fix’ this!! His immune system needs support! Please find a good naturopath and also, chinese medicine and acupuncture are invaluable!


    Like BP I too have had RR not BFV tho but they are very similar

    My mother had it too at the same time – the natural therapist we went to told us to use pumpkin seed oil. It was available in capsule form and we swallowed quite a bit of it – do no remember how much it was about 25 yrs ago:shy:

    I am fairly sure that pumpkin seed oil is not avail in caps now. But would still be worth using – can’t be that bad can it? The taste that is….

    Eating pumpkin seeds may be helpful but would need to eat kgs of them!

    I have heard of a co called “the pumpkin seed co” they have a website – maybe they have something avail

    and lots of Vit C:tup:


    DH has had BFV, 18months ago? He lost 2 months of life, memory was completely shot. He was vague and “stupid” for months. It is only over a year later that he is mostly back to normal.

    the GP recommended whole foods and multivitamin supplements. We found that if he forgot to take the vitamins he would backslide pretty fast.


    I’ve had BF and it isn’t very nice!! It is a long slog back to some sort of normality…. I can still smell the aweful smell of the sweats as I write this… Rest, rest and more rest is my advice…. Plus all of the above… :hug:


    I too have had RRV. Went to a naturapath who put me on White willow bark for the pain, took me off everything that was acidic or small quantities of like tomatoes,potatoes,eggplant and capsicum,even oranges which turn alkaline later. Ate everything with green and red skins or leaves, nuts and seeds,avocadoes, cut back on sugars and wheat. Did lots of chiropratic work to keep the blood flowing properly, and took other immune boosting drops. Within a month I improved and basically took two years to be “centered”. Generally tho after 6 months was coping

    quite well with the 5 children. My favorite thing tho was my hot water bottle where it hurt.

    I will not forget the pain tho as it is very similiar to my Rheumatoid Arthritis, now. Also try spa baths if you can I found hot water baths a benefit even if the sweating happens.Simple Osteo panadol for bad days if not on Willow bark works wonders also.

    The Dr. would have put you on steroids to reduce the inflammation same as any bad arthritis.



    :hug:Thanks all. Baringapark, DH already has major spinal injury so the swelling /arthritic pain in joints is very severe….theory is the steroids will help reduce swelling, pian and rheumatoid symptoms when combined with regular pain meds and anti-inflams he already has to take just to walk!

    Has had upset stomach though…..have made a big batch of yoghurt and will get some innner health caps too. Will alos start him on multi-vits…can’t do any harm

    I would love to take up the naturopthic path, but we are screwed financially at the moment, due to loss of job and my contract ending.

    He has a great acupuncturist in town here, but at $60 a pop it is out of reach at the moment.

    yes Chezza…smell of sweats is HORRID!

    Thank you all……:kiss1::hug::D


    I’ve had RRV (still get recurrances). Plenty of rest – always go to bed early, listen to your body and don’t over do it.

    Also eat very very well – good organic fresh food, no alcohol, coffee, junk food etc.

    I’d get onto someone like Isabell Shipard and ask her for herbs to help.

    Look after yourself and be kind to yourself – it takes a while to get over it, but there is help available to shorten the post-acute stage he seems to be at at the moment.




    Update on DH….well steroids DID work to reduce joint pain and swelling, but combined with anti-inflamms ALSO gave him a crook tummy.

    So, off those two, and on with multi vitamins and tabs for stomach to prevent further issues such as ulcers!:jawdrop:

    He is much improved, but has ‘episodes’ where his body goes to jelly….literally can’t walk, incoherrent and fatigued to the point of passing out! had a good day today…went out for a drive (first time in weeks). By the time we got home, an ‘episode; had struck, so he is off to bed again for a few hours.

    These mozzie borne viruses are really nasty,

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories and advice.:D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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