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Bare-rooted fruit trees in Adelaide

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    Just wondering if anyone knows of a reliable nursery that will supply bare-rooted fruit trees in the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Also, does anyone know where I can buy things like rhubarb sets, raspberry canes etc? Thanks in advance.

    Now that we’ve finally bought a house here I want to start growing things again, like I did in Melbourne. Yay!:D

    Also, now that I finally have a home of my own (with garden) I will be visiting here alot more often – I’ve been in hiding for the past year and a half.



    Perry’s Fruit & Nut Nursery at McLaren Flat, but its not eastern suburbs! I’m not sure if they offer a delivery service, but it would probably be cheaper to have a day out and visit there yourself (depending on how many you want and the size of your car!!)


    welcome back, and congratulations on your new home. You seemed a little lost while you were renting :hug: :kiss1:


    Not quite time for bare rooted fruit trees, but can offer you a solution if you want to spend a day on it.

    I have no transport, want barerooted fruit trees myself, and live in the hills, about 1 hour from you I would guess. I buy mine from the wholesale nurseries at about half the price of retail. Once they are available, if you could come up and give me a lift with I kid in childseat, 1 in booster, I can show you how to get them really cheaply. I would be happy to contribute petrol money. DH could pick me up from your place after work, so would only be one hills trip, plus one out north to Cavan for shopping. I just visted them on Friday, was hoping for some early barerooted trees, but there was nothing yet. I get newsletters, so will know when they arrive I hope.

    Failing that, the best nurseries in your area are Norwood Garden Centre, which keeps winning awards for their excellence, and Heynes, on the Parade just a little way uphill from the big church. Heynes has absolutely everything, and I recommend them. I have visited their main growing centre in the northern suburbs, and they have a fantastic system of water reuse, highly recommended from green ethics.


    I’ve got rampant raspberry canes. I’d be happy to share some with you in spring. Bunnings have rhubarb really cheap and actually lots of other fruit trees/vines as well. I was going to buy my banana palm & kiwi fruit vines from Perry’s, but they were half the cost at Bunnings for the same varieties. Whilst I’d rather support small business, I couldn’t justify the cost. Virginia Nursery is worth a trip, but I’m not 100% sure whether they have bare-rooted trees or not. Also, Balhannah Nursery – but I’m not sure if they retail or just wholesale (although I’ve seen their trees sold at Bunnings). Garden Grove is a bit pricey, but they have some great fruit trees – also lots of multi-grafted trees. I bought my triple-grafted pear and nectarine trees there :tup: My dad loves Heynes Nursery. He says they’ll order in any fruit trees you need.


    Balhannah Nursery has retailers in the easern suburbs, see:


    I think it is still a little bit early for bare rooted fruit trees (I am on the look out too!!!!!) I always thought it was around June that they came out, they have to loose all their leaves and go dormant before they can be dug up.

    I live not too far away from Virginia Nursery, and was down there on the weekend, they do have fruit trees but I couldnt find any bare rooted ones. I found things like apples, and peaches etc but they were potted and wanted ove $50 each for them 😮

    I went there looking for citrus trees, and a hint for anyone doing similar, there is about three rows of citrus a the back of the nursery, and if you want to pay less find the citrus in the rows closest to the undercover/inside area. I noticed that the citrus right in the back rows were the most expensive (around $40 each) but the rows in front of them got cheaper. I got a lemon, lemonade, and orange all for $24 each and apart from coming in a slightly smaller pot I could not tell the difference from those that were almost twice the price


    I’m looking at getting my lot of fruit trees this year too. I’m going to try my hand at grafting some of the citrus onto each other as well. Just in case I lose one.


    Just to let you know my local Mitre 10 had a whole lot of bare rooted fruit trees (looked like they had just been delivered) last week.

    And on the weekend I was at a local nursery which also had them.

    So I would say if you are after them now is the time to get to somewhere which sells plants, they should have them in now.


    Just resurrecting this thread. It’s probably not quite on topic, and it seems that people have added their answers, but I just went to have a look at Cost Less Plants (Klemzig) and Norwood Garden Centre. Cost Less were about 10% cheaper for the Blueberry and Kiwi plants it seems, but in general buying all these plants/trees is going to add up. I noticed the Blueberry Burst (a new variety for low chill) which was $25 for a tiny plant…

    Mudhen I think recommended trying Gepps Cross markets for a guy that sells fruit trees there, and there are some tips above, but anyone one have any other recent tips in Adelaide?

    Actually, I was going to try the Rare Fruit Society as well, I heard they have good stock at a very reasonable price?


    I drove past a house on Bridge Rd, Pooraka, today that had a sign out the front selling fruit trees. I didn’t stop, but might have been worth a look. House was about half way between Grand Junction Rd & Montague Rd, on the western side of the road.

    There’s an older Chinese lady at Mawson Lakes who sells fruit trees every Saturday from her home. She advertises in the Friday Trader in the Advertiser. They aren’t the cheapest trees, but some are quite established and she has some very unusual/exotic varieties available. Her trees are very healthy and she is a wealth of knowledge.

    There are some great on-line places to buy fruit trees too. Daley’s, Woodbridge etc. are very good.


    Do kiwi fruit grow well in Adelaide?


    I’ve got a female kiwi vine growing really well, but keep killing the male. You need at least one male for every 5 females (or thereabouts). I don’t think they like direct sun and like lots of water. If I put one in at Mt Pleasant, I think I’ll find a spot that’s a bit protected for it. They are also a very heavy fine and apparently can even pull a fence down. You’ll need to bear that in mind with where you situate it as they need good support structures on which to ramble.


    has anyone got any feedback from teh pick and eat range? costless had nellie kelly and pick and eat (sunshine blue) blueberries, I read that the later is also sold by Daley’s for low chill. bunnings also seems to sell pick and eat kiwis for $12 each (male and female plants).

    i know kiwi’s can grow in the Adelaide plains, but will they fruit well? i am planning a long pergola on the north side of the house, and was planning on deciduous vines (grapes and/or kiwis), probably shade cloth until they grow.

    bunnings seem to sell a lot of things, and they appear to have better prices, what do people think about their stock? does it depend?


    Bunnings stock seems to “depend”. Not sure what on, but I’ve had some plants come out of there that just took off as soon as they hit the soil, & others that sat there for a while & ignored everything then died. Also they seem a little hit & miss @ times as to whether the plant has fully formed roots or not, or if they’re potbound. They also seem to have a lot of things out of season, so be aware of that.

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