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    Hey folks. With the price of bananas as it is nowdays, i’ve been thinking about growing my own. But according to the Gardening Australia website you need a license and must buy your plants from a registered nursery. This is to prevent disease outbreaks wiping out the entire species, since there’s pretty much no genetic variation at all.

    However the other day we were at Bunnings (looking at the fruit trees and such) and i saw banana trees! So my question is twofold: Would you trust Bunnings to sell decently healthy banana trees, and how would you keep them that way? What kind of soil preparation and all that.



    I imagine the Bunnings ones would be ok.

    I couldn’t see where you live as quarantine areas for permits vary.

    The queensland ones are listed on this site

    They also sell a variety of different bananas.


    If you are asking questions about growing plants its advisable to include your location…..makes so much difference to the answer.

    Still cant figure out why ppl keep their general location secret….no need to include actual address.

    If you live in Vic, no permit is required.


    Hi Thalass, I’ve bought 3 banana plants from Bunnings recently and all are doing well. We have covered them in a hessian cage of sorts over winter as they went in just before but I checked them today and I have many new suckers coming up so they are good. We put in bucket loads of manure, compost and wood ash when we planted them and I regularly top them up with seasol and water regularly and they are jumping out of themselves. I couldn’t see where you live but we live on the NSW south coast and do get the occasional frost so I bought 3 different varieties of banana plants to see what would go best and they are all doing well at this stage.

    BTW We did not need a permit.


    I think I have four (could be 6) banana palms from bunnings all doing very well and even little pups are coming up. All are healthy, I do live where there is frost as well but all are still growing and happy. You don’t need a permit in South Australia.


    I bought a Goldfinger banana plant from Bunnings about a year ago. It’s growing really well. We also improved the soil with lots of poo, compost, mulch etc. I haven’t sheltered the palm through winter, and although it isn’t growing much in the cold, it’s fine. I know it’ll kick off again in spring. We’ve already had a couple of suckers from it. We are in Adelaide and didn’t need a permit. I thought you only needed a permit to grow bananas in the top end due to the risk of diseases to the banana industry up there…


    You need a permit in Qld and the banana growing regions of nsw


    well i have a irate dh and cranky ds

    both went to bunnings in different areas and were both told bunnings do not and never have sold banana trees here in se qld

    so now i am at a loss


    You wont find bananas in Bunnings in QLd because of the requirement for a permit. You will have to find someone near you with a decent tree and harvest your own pup to start off your own banana tree grove. This is what i ended up doing and it worked well. I have two bunches of ladyfingers hanging out the back now.


    i wish

    Judi B

    I wish I could grow bananas here I have a pet bird who loves “narnies” in fact he thinks anything yellow is narnie so we don’t have a yellow comb anymore. Been so long since he’s had any I think the shock would be too much.


    So if I relocate my banana tree does that mean I need a permit?


    I would be happy to take a pup off my trees and pot it up if it would help. I dont know where you live though. I am in Caboolture.


    How big/old do the nanna trees have to be before you get any nanna’s off them?


    selinaneil…without ur general location, cant answer that, but techinically speaking, if you are in a banana producing area, northern nsw, or qld, yes you do need permit.

    Bananas will produce when they’re big enough, so in tropiucal qld, less than a year, south coast nsw maybe 2 years

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