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    jennifer gjennifer g

    It’s been ages so I thought I’d come and see what’s happening and tell you what’s new up here on the sunnie coast.

    The weather, well it’s been soggy as you know. Not as bad locally as other parts of the state but we’ve had 16 inches or rain, maybe more so it is muddy again here. I am glad too because it was so dry previously, cracked clay and crunchy grass.

    We had put lots of vegies in the patch, and they did not die, but went berserk. I have giant cucumber, too far gone beans, etc..but yummy corn and peppers, asparagus spears to die for…they never make it to the plate, or inside the house for that matter.

    This year we had a trillion mangoes and no one to take them. We picked heaps but could not sell them locally, which is what we wanted to do. There were so many of them around, people were trying to sell them for 50c each on the side of the road and at local markets. Still the IGA prices were around $3..figure that for me please. Don’t people wanna stop or go to markets???

    So I found loads of ways to use a multitude of mango, but still thousands of them fell to waste.

    We did however buy a pig, who we named Delilah, to help get rid of some. She wasn’t keen at first, not long off Mum, but learnt to like them. Of course, it was not the sole ingredient in her diet. and of course she didn’t make a tiny dent…

    Geez I could go on and on, but will leave it here and update later. Going to find out what you guys have been up to..

    edited to attach pic…we had mango christmas tree baubles galore…



    Yay you’re back!! :hug:


    Oh I wish mangoes would grow well in Adelaide! Lucky pig :tup:

    How about making mango chutney next time you have an excess? Jars of the stuff sell for around $6-$10 here. Not sure what it would fetch up there.


    Welcome back…. The rain has been great for our vege gardens…

    Next time you have an abundance of mangoes let me know I would be more than happy to take them off your hands for the exchange of some $$$$…:lol:


    YAY Jen!! Stick around this time please!! :hug::hug:


    Good to see you back, Jen.



    hey, jen. welcome back. how’s the babe?


    Nice to see you popping in again. :hug:


    jennifer gjennifer g

    thanks guys! :hug: don’t know how long til we get another crop like that lynnie, we waited 5 years for this one. Not so keen anymore though 🙁

    kathy, long time since flat stanley visited, how’s homeschool? I caved….

    edited cause i was too hasty….

    My babe is now 16 months old, he’s growing up so fast, he’s sweet and smiley. a real joy

    Jen 😀 :kiss:


    Yay!! Hello hello Jen!

    Hmmmm… mango flavoured pig! Nice!

    Hope you’re managing to stay dry.

    Be well… :hug:


    Hi Jen!! Sorry to hear about the mangos… What a shame!!

    Bub is 16 months!! Wow, that time went fast, to me he should be about 6-8 months… 😆

    Have you finished all those renos?

    Nice to have you back!!

    jennifer gjennifer g

    Hey Erthgrl, Chezza…

    Still raining here, so over it!

    The renos are still not complete, slowly slowly. Pete has been too busy and that’s what happens when you wanna build your own place. It’s comfy though!

    My little man is a cutey, I’ll attach a pic here for you. I tried before but it kept attaching it in JUMBO size.

    Thanks all! :kiss:


    Oh what a gorgeous little man!!

    Me thinks he looks like his mama


    ohh jen !!! he is such a cutie

    wow great to see you back,missed you !!!

    jennifer gjennifer g

    :(:(:( I missed you tooooooo LUVIN :hug::hug::hug: :kiss:

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