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    I was quite taken by this photograph I came across in a story about how Australians build the biggest average house size in the world – 10% larger than the U.S. I have no problem if someone with bucket loads of money wants to live in a flash house, but it’s the lack of yards that gets me. The seriously rich enjoy having green space around them and the battlers in suburbia cherish their yards, but there seems to be a group in the middle that must live indoors all the time. Perhaps we are witnessing the evolution of a new human sub-species – Homo sapiens continerent.


    I dunno Wazza, they all seem to have their designer gardens out the front to suit their designer houses in their designer lives……

    After all, to be successful in this life, one must conform, mustn’t one!

    😛 😛 😛


    There’re not homes there’re HOUSES or Macmansions. :jawdrop: Not for me

    It would feel like a prison to me to live in one of these. Where would bubs play on her swing or trampoline or run around the yard with the dogs. And not forget my girls [chooks] where would they grub around the yard??????


    I must admit, if you put one of these on 5 acres of land, I could be quite happy. 🙂

    I’m so tired of a house that constantly needs repairs….


    It’s a little strange isn’t it. We bought a 630m block in Secret Harbour a few years back. Our house was tiny compared to those surrounding us, only 145m. We added about 35m of undercover patio. But the plus was, we had a 13m x 22m area of lawn, which was great for our dogs, and when the kids came, we had room for a garden shed, vegetables, ornamental garden, a pool, and still enough lawn for the trampoline and the kids to play cricket and soccer.

    I had a lawnmowing business at the time, and the number of people who had bought a block, built a house and had only 2m from the back wall to the back fence was pretty high. These are the houses you see who put their swings and playsets on the FRONT lawn of the house, because there’s no room out the back. 🙁


    I’m sorry brendo, but your house just doesn’t cut it at all. According to the article, average house floor area in Australia (in sq m)

    1. NSW 269.7

    2. Northern Territory 263.5

    3.. Queensland 250.6

    4. Victoria 246.9

    5. Western Australia 244.9

    6. ACT 212.8

    7. Tasmania 188.7

    8. South Australia 185.4


    Robyne post=321366 wrote:

    It would feel like a prison to me to live in one of these.

    Ditto Robyne.

    YUCK! … I couldn’t stand it, not even with land around it.


    Steve post=321365 wrote: I dunno Wazza, they all seem to have their designer gardens out the front to suit their designer houses in their designer lives……

    After all, to be successful in this life, one must conform, mustn’t one!

    😛 😛 😛

    LOL Steve!

    The designer plants are probably designer plastic ones 😉

    Le Loup

    Well it seems to me that IF TSHTF one day, these will be the first to go. Growing food in window boxes won’t really cut it. It seems a lot of people have wandered far from their roots, they have lost contact with nature & the feel of the earth beneath their feet.

    I could not live in a city.


    I think one of the many fears I would have living in a street or estate like that is not finding which home was mine once I’d left- they all look the same! :laugh: Actually I have seen many estates like that, with each one trying to out-do the other, with bigger columns or whatever. And the teeny patch of lawn is always so manicured – blah. Couldn’t be doing with that :blink:

    I must admit we moved to a bigger house this year, (older conversion though, not a huge MacMansion!!) although according to your figures there, maybe we are just ‘average’! Mind you, our last house was 110m2 so some people have sheds bigger than our old house :blink: It has taken a lot of stress off us having extra space, but we only took it because we still have plenty of garden room for chooks veggies and fruit trees. I couldn’t stand a home with no outdoors or being so overlooked by neighbours.


    Not saying whose house this is, but I’d like to put something like this up between a couple of the McMansions, complete with vegie patch, free ranging chooks and a large compost pile. I really think it would add to the street appeal.


    well……………… my house is on 7sq – 2br

    would love a third bedroom. …….. or more cupboards :angry: but it’s fine really 🙂

    as for the photo, – they all look the same


    Exactly! Brought this to mind (OK, not so little, but the principle is the same). Does anyone else remember it?

    I guess I’m showing my age :sick:

    Cheers, Lee.


    Thos houses remind me of the time we were in Lancashire UK for 3 years as a child all the houses looked the same little boxes

    At the front 1 door 1 window, inside walk straight into the lounge and then into a tiny kitchen with matching rooms up stairs. Toilet down the back of the yard about the size bathroom all flag stones. Could’nt play out there as the bath was hung on the wall.

    If you want an idea watch the beggining of Cornation Street all the same little boxes doesn’t matter if they are large or small all boxes. :shrug:

    Love the wooden cottage would make a statement if put inbetween the big ones :clap:


    I agree with you all, there was a time when I looked at grand houses and admired them but now I am wiser and know that the people in these type of houses have to be out (both of them) working to afford this ‘keeping up with the Joneses’types style of living. people with real wealth have gardens, and gardeners to keep them because having a garden is peaceful, relaxing and a real lifestyle.

    I wouldn’t give up our small home with a bunch of kids, a menangerie of animals and the birds in the trees for anything – not anything!! I don’t mind not having a tonne of money because I have my sanity…the sun on my face and NO NEIGHBOURS within cooee.

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