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    Hi All,

    We would ask that members refrain from asking Lyn about their technical support questions, how to operate a computer, how to get a photo album, why their microwave isn’t working, how to achieve financial success on the stock market etc etc etc.

    Lyn is very generously providing a wonderful Organic Gardening segment on our site where you can get your questions (on organic gardening) answered.

    If you have technical questions about problems with the site, or want a photo album either send an email to or send a “PM” to one of the administrators or moderators. We also have a “Contact Us” link in the menu to the left (4th link down).




    And while we’re on a re-edumication mission, could we also try to send only technical matters to the technical support address. Simple living type enquiries will be directed back to the forums where they can draw on the wealth of knowledge possessed by our members. Asking the admin team to answer these sorts of questions only limits the quality of answers you will receive (if we were to give out such answers, which is why we don’t) 😆 :tup:


    %ugger, Geoff

    Just wanted to ask Lyn about the 555 Timer chip I’m using in my latest electronix project. :shrug:

    Now I can only ask her when to plant out my lavender bush :geek:

    Regards, Doc not the geek, but a gardener now 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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