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Artichoke suckers

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    Hi all,

    I’ve got suckers coming off my artichokes. I suspect that they would do better if I got rid of them, but I hate to waste a viable plant.

    Does anyone want to pick up some artichoke suckers for their garden?


    Are you refering to Jerusulem Artichokes? If so, these are just the tubers multiplying.


    No the proper ones – green globe artichokes by memory


    The green ones produce new plants like that too…. you can break them off with a tiny bit of the woody root and plant it. That’s where new artichoke plants come from.

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    I leave mine to multiply, and end up with a lovely big substantial plant, with lots and lots more chokes. If you are worried about space, then by all means divide it and give away plants or replant somewhere else, but otherwise the plant will just get fatter, and give you more! 😀


    yeah, but comes a time when your big fat plant just gives up. Too squashed I reckon. I need to divide every few years.

    What really peeves me is I give them away and the people further down the mountain get far superior size artichokes than me. From my own shoots, grr


    Hey feywind , where r u?

    i would b keen to try some pls

    will pm u 🙂


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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