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Anyone out there making bio char

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    Hey guys, anyone out there making biochar. I was surfing YouTube last night and stumbled across it. Looks interesting. What are people using to make it. The people on the videos seem to think it’s very scientific and use lots of big words you need a degree to be able to spell.


    Hi Russ, one of the old members here, Basman, is right into biochar. I believe he makes it commercially now. He has lots of threads on here about it. One of the threads is this one:


    I make charcoal as a bi product of cooking with wood.

    Including ash and burnt bones of what was cooked.

    I run it through my compost, pee on it regularly, then put it through my garden beds.

    Pretty sure the guys making Terra preta didn’t have gasifiers to make bio char, just wood fires they cooked on.

    if you want to build a gasifier heres a pretty neat y00t00b


    I use biochar on my garden and think its magnificent as the charcoal helps the nutrients become absorbed into the roots of plants. This is the first year of using it and my garden is remarkably healthy and production, more so than before I used it. I also used BD Formula 500 which may have helped as well. I buy my biochar from BlackEarth, as I live on a small block in a town and we are not allowed backyard fires, otherwise I would be doing it myself. Although I have bought a chiminea so might try to make some in that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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