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    My vacuum cleaner died recently after 18 years of faithful service. My boys had been talking about buying me another one as it’s a big upright barrel one (VAX wet and dry) which was quite clunky to drag around. They had an ulterior motive, as they have been doing the vacuuming for me for years, as it gives me motion sickness (true story!). The house we’re in now has tiles and wood floors, and I only have one medium sized area rug which I can take out and beat if needed. So I’m thinking about having a go without a vacuum, even just for a while.

    Is anyone else getting by without a vacuum? Or given it a go but found they couldn’t live without it?


    I have lived without a vacuum before and found a rubber bristled broom with a blade attachment invaluable. I also have a dustpan and brush set with the rubber brush and metal tray (hate plastic). These days I couldn’t live without my trusty Dyson. I vacuum daily and get at least two canisters of muck off the floors, rugs and curtains. I always have homes with hard floors and area rugs as I detest fitted carpet (though we do have it in 2 rooms). We have 2 humans, 2 dogs and 2 cats here, so I wouldn’t consider doing without the vacuum. One of the dogs is a malamute crossbreed and blows his coat twice yearly and sheds continuously the rest of the time. He is addicted to the vacuum and pushes and paws until you give in and give him a once over 🙂 – I always empty the vacuum into the compost, so I don’t resent the task (I have become a little obsessed with compost lately….all those heaving black soldier fly larvae make me feel like I’m doing something useful…..

    Anyway, let us know what you decide and how you get on. Wonder if sweeping burns more energy than vacuuming…


    Funny how the ad on this page is for vacuum cleaners. Well it is when I look at it. 😀

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Yes! All hard floors here. Did have an area rug but no-one wanted to drag the vacuum out to clean it. For a while we used a rubber bristle brush or an old fashioned carpet cleaner. Then we got rid of the rug!

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    My better half had been doing the vacuuming for some years, because I couldn’t. I bought him “Dusty Springclean”. A Roomba, robotic vacuum cleaner, to save him from having to do it so often. She is brilliant. Secretly, I think he’s in love with her! Still need the ‘deep clean’ every so often, but she takes care of all the carpet, tiles, etc. Means I can, once again, do the vacuuming. :whistle:

    I always thought they were a bit of a wank, until a friend brought hers when she stayed with us on her move between Sydney and Melbourne. She let me ‘borrow’ it. The floor had been vacuumed the day before my friend arrived and I was very embarrassed when her Roomba (Gladys) picked up a fair bit of stuff. I was hooked, so I bought one.

    We wouldn’t be without her now.

    A friend of mine bought one and loved it so much he went and bought the scooba too, which mops/washes hard floors.


    floor boards here, no vacuum


    I too thought the robotic vacs a bit of a joke….but obviously they work. Don’t think I’d get one though, I think the dogs would find it wonderful “prey”. 🙂


    I have floorboards but also need the vacuum. The boards are uneven, with big gaps inbetween. Add 2 dogs and 2 cats and just sweeping won’t cut it 🙂


    I’m a Roomba convert too – wouldn’t be without ours now. I don’t have time for all the things I need to do in my life, so not having to vacuum or sweep is fantastic!


    Im trying to convince the cricket club to get one of those roombas


    We have tiles, and a large crossbreed dog (rotti x Koolie) who constantly sheds his hair.

    We have a Miele vacuum cleaner and while I try to avoid using it, it really is a necessity sometimes.

    We normally do a whole house vacuum about once a fortnight, in between that a quick sweep every couple of days or so gets rid of most of the dirt, dust and dog hair.

    I did get a Sabco Super Swish wet and dry mop (, which does take a bit of getting used to, as you need to move it differently to normal broom, bit I do find that the dry cover (the one with the fingers) does a good job of picking up the dust, and dog hair and any larger dirt type particles can be swept into a corner and picked up with a dust pan and banister brush. Also I like that this has a head which is wider than a normal broom and because you use it in a S type movement, and always keeping it in contact with the floor I find that it does the floors much quicker than a normal broom, and sometimes even the vacuum.


    Where we live atm, we use a vacuum, but eventually, our house will be rammed earth floor and timber floors. We’ll have a few rugs, but we’ll use one of those carpet sweeper thingies.

    (we’ll be off-grid)


    Hummer HumbugHummer

    A great alternative to using a vacuum is the good old straw broom. Not only does it do a great job on rugs and mats, but it gets the heart rate up as well 🙂


    I think in my case it’s just Living Without Vaccuming! I have a Dyson which works really well but I don’t use it much unless Queenie gets fed up with my appalling lack of domestic tidiness and bludgeons me around the head until I succumb. However the pooch hates it and with the noise of the vaccum, the barking, Queenie yelling, my vacuuming attempts don’t usually last long and end with me muttering fuck this and leaving the whole catastrophe in the hallway and buggering off to the shed for some peace and quiet. I hate noise.


    James Dyson has proven to be a marketing genius. To successfully make people think that his machines are good. I run a cleaning business. My employees and I use our clients Dysons (they are the most popular machine) on a daily basis and never, never, have I dealt with a more overengineered, clunky machine in my life. If one loses suction, heaven forbid, you’ll spend the next half-an-hour trying to locate the problem, pinching and bruising yourself on all the clips and moving parts.

    That said, to each their own.

    We still have a vacuum cleaner in our house. But when I move out to my little straw bale place in the Mallee, I shan’t bother.

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