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Anyone got heaps of blossom on citrus trees now ,Sept 2nd?

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    My famous last season 100Kg of fruit = 350 jars of marmalade kumquat tree has had a very small crop this year, only 1 1/2 bucketsful which we picked today ,a bit over ready but still OK for marmalade.However the tree is now smothered in blossom on what appears to be masses of new growth.What’s going on??????


    SPRING 😆

    Did better than us…………..cyclone Yasi stripped every tree, so no citrus ( or anything else for that matter) this year. But like you all the trees are in blossom and the smell is devine :tup:


    Our citrus orchard is full of sweet blossoms too – BTW, massive effort with the marmalade making – well done. Two bumper year’s in a row perhaps?


    ]Yep BW, ours are in full bloom too, just picked the last of the oranges and there are still lemons and grapefruits on the trees.

    And the jasmine is smelling wonderful 🙂


    OK.So we are all getting a double crop this year? We do sometimes get a very few in a second crop but nothing like the potential of this if the fruit set.Might get fly in them but.I thought I had escaped the marmalade slog, apart from the tiny 5Kg crop we picked yesterday and which I chopped up this morning.Last year, before I knew I was being illegal,I was selling from May until August. I might have to find a registered kitchen somewhere after all…………

    And yes the jasmine marz……………just glorious.Ours is totally out of control, all mixed in with banksia roses and purple bouganvillea..I like wild and out of control…..gardens.


    Buds here too! Must pick the last of the fruit off the trees… 🙂


    My little lime tree has been covered in blossoms for weeks now. I have one lime almost ready to pick and a heap of babies growing now. Better go buy a bottle of tequila :laugh:


    our only fruit tree so far, a lemon tree is covered in flower buds. i am crossing my fingers for a good crop.


    Bur are you all getting a second crop for this year,2011, or waiting for the first?



    What have you been feeding to that tree BlueWren or has someone been …err….ahem….

    .. :blush: weeing on it? :laugh:

    I picked the last of our limes the other day, I wait for them to go yellow on the tree and oh boy do they taste great!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:

    No flowers so far on our citrus. Our wonderful old grapefruit tree kicked the bucket a little while ago but when alive it often had flowers, small green fruit and whopper size ripe fruit all at the same time. It was an extra special tree I reckon. :tup:

    Our mandarins are still ripening, although we have had a few so far, and the orange still has fruit ripening. I guess we just have to expect to be a bit later with citrus than all you Queenslanders. :whistle:

    Our lemonade tree is still just a baby really and hasn’t quite found her feet yet. 😛

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    No weeing that I’m aware of!! It’s a tall old tree , can’t reach the top fruit even with a high step ladder and DH balanced on the top and me holding the ladder……….We’ve been here over twenty years and it was good sized tree when we bought the place.I have never fed it anything until after last season’s bumper crop when I did put something around the drip line …….but can’t remember what it was! Something mulchy, maybe chook pooey grass.


    yep, the citrus are in bloom, the peach has fruit (might even be edible this year. it’s a very old tree that hadn’t had any attention for a few years) and the mulberries have a slight pink tinge to them 🙂


    BlueWren post=322577 wrote: Bur are you all getting a second crop for this year,2011, or waiting for the first?

    my lemon tree hasn’t actually stopped fruiting since we moved in here, March last year. Last year’s crop was dry inside, and brown, but after some chook poo mulch/hay, this year’s have been moist and delicious.


    Yes Nanna, my Kumquat has fruit on it that will be ready about November but I noticed the other day it has heaps of flowers on it as well. Lemon tree is loaded but has fruit pretty much all year round the same as Bron. Oranges are just starting to be picked and also have some flowers. Nothing from the Mando trees and they have been in for a couple of years, they get some flowers and teeney tiny fruit that disappear. :pinch: Looking forward to making heaps of Marmalade again with your delish recipe :kiss: (and making a small fortune :woohoo: )


    Thanks everyone.Our citrus is obviously ripe much earlier in QLD.Will see what happens on my kumquat tree.Going to make marmalade this morning with half of the first crop, all 5Kg of it.BL I had a lady ring me recently to ask if I had any marmalade.She’d been looking for me at the markets so good job I had my phone no on the jars.I’ll offer her what I’m about to make .

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