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Anyone after a magic little house in Freo?

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    Anyone after a sweet little old workers cottage very near to Freo??


    What a gorgoeus house, it has everything the low footprint family needs and still has style…. :clap: :clap: Is it yours Erthgirl?


    AAHH MEMORIES !!!!!!

    I lived on Watkins street as a child and passed this place on my way to school.

    Looks different now to what it was in the late 30s early 40s.

    The house I lived in was a similar type of of home.

    It was demolished around 2 years ago to make way for new homes.

    Progress I believe it is called.


    It’s beautiful… my style of house.

    Let’s hope this one isn’t pulled down by the new owner to make way for some modern structure. Is there a heritage order on it??


    Yes Starting Over, it is our little house. I’d love to keep it… and it is with great sadness that we let it go… but we have decided to ‘up stumps’ and settle in the South West of WA… for most of my adult life I’ve alternated between Freo and the South West… for city living Freo was an awesome place to be… but they type of life we have chosen leads us to the country… so this is where we’ll stay. 🙂

    We had many happy years there, I birthed both my babies there and as our little family grew, we lived, loved and laughed….

    Caddie, I remember you telling me about your days in White Gum Valley…. it’s such a shame the house you grew up in got demolished. 🙁

    Mum Chook, there’s no chance of this little cottage being demolished… from what we have found out, it is one of the oldest houses on the street, and it is listed as a ‘place of heritage interest’… so not as stringent as being ‘heritage listed’ but still means it can’t be knocked down… but it can be extended in a sympathetic ‘style’….

    We have been blessed to have been visited by both sets of grandchildren of the original owners of the cottage (the grandchildren are in their 80’s!)

    It was such a delight to listen to their recollections of their holidays there, and of their grandparents, the original builders of the cottage.

    I hope that whoever buys it, will fall in love with this little home, and love it just as much as we have…


    Glad to hear that, Erthgirl. It’s a delightful home so someone will fall in love with it as it is.

    All the best in your “new life” in the South West. It’s lovely down there too.



    Cant remember the street as I moved around so much but I too lived in White Gum Valley for a little while. I hope your lovley house goes to the right people who will cherish it as much as you have. Good luck inthe SW nice place to be 🙂 M :hug:


    It looks wonderful. Pity Freo is so expensive.


    Gorgeous, gorgeous, good luck, Freo is a gorgeous place..also insanely green eyed at your move to the south west. My dream, my dream, just don’t have the courage to move the kids, I wish they were still small and easilty transportable. lol. So for now it is my retiement dream unless I get a good dose of courage.

    Good luck with your sale and have a fantastic life down south, save a piece of heaven for us!


    Thanks diddie :hug: :hug:

    It’s hard with the kids hey? We finally faced the reality, that the only thing keeping us in Freo was the kid’s education… they were in a lovely little school… but it wasn’t enough…so now we’re here…

    :hug: :tup:

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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