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    fruitful post=349254 wrote: and I’m wrongly assuming that everyone else is like me, only needing to visit the doctors once every five years or so for illness

    The only time I have been in the last decade is for vaccine injections for travel to SE Asia. I have however been hopitalised for a couple motorcycle accidents (various broken body parts)

    fruitful post=349254 wrote: (at best) and not taking medication or using natural remedies until it is absolutely necessary.

    I used to think this but am not so sure lately. For example, anti infamatories (use with caution if you have a heart condition) work to reduce swelling to allow faster recover of damaged muscles etc and to relieve swelling that presses on nerves. If my back starts to ache (the bulging disc pressing on the nerve aginst my spinal colum), i take an anti-inflammatory, go lie down, take another before bed and my back is great in the morning. I used to just go lie down and “think of England” and it took a week to heal, often getting much worse before it got better. It works for me in my situation because of the way my back is damaged.

    My personal approach is reasonable exercise (not just “active” but heart rate raising maybe 70 – 80% Max for an hour or 2), a balanced diet and stay away from cities (too many airbourne toxins) as much as possible and maybe staying away from the tellie

    “If our estimates are correct, then TV viewing is in the same league as smoking and obesity,” says Veerman.

    As to some natural remeidies, I am wary… Ghandi used to drink his own piss as a “natural” tonic, not something in which I wish to engage but if others do want to partake, we are breathless here with the exciement of knowing the outcome 😉

    I do remined people though that one or two cases is not a scientific outcome and is certinaly not cause and effect. It’s a curiosity that might be worth investigating further eg most people aren’t allergic to antibiotics but if the only people you tested them on where allergic, you would make the wild assumption that antibiotics kill all people.

    I do agree however that health should always be a personal choice and knowledge is power, as long as people aren’t fooled by quackery.

    But enough, of me hijacking the thread , just wanted to clear up the “drinking it like water” observation. Living to 92 however might be testament to it being good to be a Smurf :cheer:


    I’ve been doing a little more research and, from what I’ve read, silver accumlates in the body so it doesn’t matter if it’s a large dose in a short period of time or many small doses over a long period. :dry:

    I guess all we can do is do our own research of the pros and cons and decide what is an acceptable risk for ourselves.

    For me the cumulative aspect (and that it’s irreversible) puts me off. So I’m going to stick to eating my homegrown oranges instead. I’ll probably end up turning orange or get overweight from all the sugar! I guess you can’t win either way 🙂


    When I was growing up in the 60s we ate seasonally we never had tropical fruit except Bananas.

    In Mum and Das back yard of 1/3 acre we had all the fruit trees he could grow. plus behind the garage was

    the veggie patch. Down the said of the garage he grew potaotes. Along the next doors fence line was

    ladys fingers grapes. It was a feast for the kids growing up. Picking an apricot so juicy and full of flavour.

    Not the dried tasteless things they grow today.

    We ahd ducks and chickens for eggs and manure, which went into the garen. sometimes we had a lamb for food.

    Rabbits were caught wild. Bread was made at home along with home made pies and pasties and good wholesom meals.

    We were very rarely sick. We went to the doctors once a year to make sure we were fine. No flu injections

    back them either.

    Maybe growing up with older parents has a bigger addvantage for better health as theyhave already been there

    and done that


    I get Emails from a group called the have a lot of ideas to read through

    This week I had sent about medicines I thought you might like to look at

    its about keeping the medicines

    it was good reading



    Has anyone found a way to import antibiotics (abx) from overseas?? even in a small amount would be a good idea just as a basic stockpile. Pls let me know either in this forum or by private message. Thanks



    I would be very wary of overseas medicine as they might not be what is in it that is supposed to be. :shrug:

    I get a packet of antibotics from my doctor every year incase of sickness, hubby has asthma and if

    you don’t get on top in the beginning it goes to his chest and stays there for months.

    I only take them when I am really sick like this year I got really sick twice and ended up on strong tablets

    but other then that I try natural products.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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