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    We were watching Doomsday Preppers last night and one of the preppers was a doctor and he said that

    the antibotics that you put int he fish tanks available from the pet shop is the same as we take

    that we have to get through the chemist.

    I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this.

    I have the books Grow your own drugs and I haven’t got any of the antibotics recipes in them.

    But we build our own immune system up ourselves.

    Be interested in what others say about the idea

    Judi B

    Many years ago when DH and I kept aquarium fish we would go to the Dr (old fish keeper himself) and get scripts for our fish worked out cheaper :laugh: than getting the same from the pet shop.


    There’s a book called ‘herbal antibiotics’. I recommend reading it, although it misses many.

    For Australians who don’t have access to herbs a ready source of antibiotics is callistemon tree (bottlebrush). Infusion of the leaves consumed as a tea.

    Penny A

    I have heard this also. Im not sure how keen I am on the risk. But if it works it would be useful to have some on hand. :)And if you dont have access to a doctor it might just save a life.


    have a look at this:

    and this:

    I’ve used this stuff before, it works well for bites and rashes etc, can’t say I’ve used it for antibiotics but I’ll certainly give it a try next time I think I need a dose. High on my list of future purchases.


    must have had a seniors moment :huh: , this is the one that I would purchase after much research many moons ago:


    In living strong it tells you the 5 best natural antibotics are





    colloidal silver


    Just be aware that apparently one of the possible long term side affects of taking colloidal silver can be this – Reminds me of a smurf (but not cute way) :S Sorry, don’t mean to sound like a neighsayer – I just hadn’t heard of this before and thought I should share in case you hadn’t either.


    All information is good to know when its for your health Thanks for the information

    I remembered a little girl whose mother fed her nothing but potatoes, carrots and pumpkins when she was a

    baby and she went a lovely shade of yellowy orange, Spent a long time in hospital


    Hi, I use Colloidal Silver, I dont use it every day but gargle about 15mls and swallow it when i start to get sick. I find it makes me better with in two days.

    I would highly recommend it.

    I have a bottle in the house for the humans, and a bottle in the “animal first aid kit” for the chooks, ducks and dog. I used it recently to bathe a duck that was attacked by a dog. she had a couple of nasty wounds. Bathed twice daily with colloidal silver and sealed with Manuka honey 20+. She survived and healed within a week.


    This type of information that others have tried and worked we all need to keep in a book for reference

    I will get a book and keep it in the first aid box in case the power goes out and the computer goes down


    Gumnut – it’s good to have as much information about something as we can get, as Robyne said knowledge is valuable, I’d hope that most people here would only use silver water when needed but it really looks like your “smurf” had been drinking the stuff as though it was just rainwater?!?! Still always better to be cautious about such matters.

    I have some such books Robyne – many of the recipes etc in them are from YOU!!! 🙂 I just keep adding to them and have gathered them together so I don’t start more before I fill the ones I already have started 🙂


    fruitful post=348674 wrote: ‘d hope that most people here would only use silver water when needed but it really looks like your “smurf” had been drinking the stuff as though it was just rainwater?!?!

    Not at all, click on the photo it says

    For many years, this man had used nose drops containing silver

    I can’t see how you can consume much as nasal drops, even over a lifetime.


    🙂 yes, I see the description now. Noting that this man is 92, “many years” could and probably would be double digits, also I’m not sure what nose drops are used for or how often he would have used them? – because I suffer from hayfever that’s the only reason I could think of and that is seasonal, twice a year for a week? :shrug: .

    I guess it depends on each individual person – metabolism, family medical history etc etc and I’m wrongly assuming that everyone else is like me, only needing to visit the doctors once every five years or so for illness (at best) and not taking medication or using natural remedies until it is absolutely necessary.

    So caution is most certainly required with these type of products as they are largely untested in the medical field. But I would and do still recommend a more “natural” approach to treating mild illness and always monitoring how you feel and any reactions that you may notice when taking something new.


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