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    Hello friends

    Found this site and am hoping to glean some info from you all. We have just moved from the suburbs (very nice suburbs, mind you) to the country, to our dream house with some land. We have always wanted to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle but haven’t had opportunity until now.

    the property we moved into has about 18 fruit trees already setup, which was a huge drawcard for us. Anyway, we are desperate to make use of the fruit but are fairly clueless about how much maintenance and care we should be putting into them. Some are established, some are only a few years old. But the biggest issue to us currently is that we don’t know what most of them are. We can see some are starting to look like apples, and some like maybe apricots. But we don’t know. I’m wondering whether this forum would be an appropriate place to post photos of each tree (some fruit and leaves) and hope that others might tell us what fruit, or berry they are, and hopefully even the variety.

    We have a lot more questions but that’ll do for now.


    Hi chareaves, Welcome to ALS from another Tasmanian. We now live in the central highlands. This would be exactly the place to put up some photos for ID. We had an apple orchard in the Huon so certainly can help you on those and there are lots of experienced people on here. Once again welcome and look forward to getting to know you.


    Hi mauzi

    And thanks for the welcome!

    OK. On your sayso, I’ll attach some photos I took and give our best guess and any other relevant info. Some of the pictures are a bit blurry. I’m not the greatest photographer. We’re really hoping for the varieties of these things, if that’s possible. With the aim of knowing what to do for each particular fruit.

    1. This is some kind of berry.

    2. This one is a different berry. It has a strange, almost bitter taste at the moment. The berries seem to be changing from red to dark maroon. Not sure if they’re ripe.

    3. We think this is the same as the previous one, different bush. It’s almost the size of a tree.

    4. Fairly sure this is an apple.

    5. Not much fruit on this one. It’s inside the chook area.

    6. We think another apple. This one is a large tree, also in the chook area. The leaves look diseased.

    7. This one seems to be an apple, it’s only about 2 years old. Very small tree.

    8. This is the first of about 12 trees/bushes in the main part of the orchard. Is it a mulberry?

    More in next post…


    9. This has no fruit on it, but it’s all in with all the others. Assuming it might just fruit later. No idea what it is.

    10. I’m gonna guess pear! Not much fruit. It’s a fairly young tree.

    11. Not sure.

    12. Seems to be same as last one.

    13. Seems to be same again.

    14. Another apple?

    15. Apple again?

    16. Much smaller tree. Seems to be different kind of apple.


    17. This is a very old tree, hardly any fruit, and it looks quite diseased.

    18. Not sure.

    19. A small tree. I tried to get a shot of the flower as well as the fruit, but it’s a bit blurry.

    20. Is this a grape vine? No fruit on it. We cut it completely back about 6 weeks ago. It’s now going great.

    21. This is our lemon tree. Wondering which variety it is.

    Wow…You can see why we feel so blessed to have inherited all this stuff. We’re desperate to make the best use of it all. I hope it’s not information overload, but rather an exciting opportunity to play detective and solve mysteries. :laugh:


    This will be my 3rd try of answering. I keep losing the posts. Might do it in bits, if that’s ok

    1 gooseberries

    2,3 blackcurrants

    4 apple


    6 nectarine

    7 apple

    8 mulberry maybe


    10 fig

    11,12,13 greengage or plum


    14, 15, 16 apples


    18 plum


    20 grape

    21 lemon check here

    Lucky you having all that and more surprises to come as well I guess given time. What part of Tas? I am north near L’ton



    Hi bluezbandit

    Thanks for your detective work. We’re in the Huon valley. We definitely feel absolutely wrapped to be here, although I have to admit the fruit trees were a big drawcard.

    Can I ask how confident you are with the guesses? Absolutely sure?


    From what I have seen I’d be 90% sure, Mauzi is sure to know as well to either confirm mine or to straighten us both out. You will have to try to come to our Tassie get together at Mauzi’s in the central highlands in January.

    You have certainly landed in a piece of heaven, as a child I lived at Franklin so the Huon Valley is one of my favourite places. I have a place down south in the Southern Beaches area that we are preparing to move to one of these days.



    hi and welcome

    17 looks like an apricot, the motley look is caused by the weather ( happens here after frost or hail)

    19 is an apple


    Hi again chareaves, bluezbandit, great ID, I agree with you and also ballamara that 17 is an apricot and 19 is an apple. I am not sure of 5 or 9 either but other than 10 I would say 99% sure that the others are ID’d correctly. Another photo of 10 might be helpful.

    As bluezbandit mentioned we have an ALS get together at our new farm in the central highlands on the 14th January. If you think you might be able to make it I will PM you with details.

    Great score to start with your fruit trees.


    I hardly dare suggest this amongst such august company and “tassie natives” at that ….is there any chance that 5 is a passion fruit……… :shrug: Do they even grow in Tassie??? :laugh: Probably not!!!

    Welcome to ALS chareaves …… you can see people are very willing to help, even if like me they are guessing! 🙂 All the best for your new life.


    Lucky you getting all those productive trees

    my guesses

    1 gooseberry maroon is as ripe as they are an aquired taste or to cook.

    2.Jostaberry or blackcurrant? blackcurrents are very small jaostaberries a bit bigger 0.8-1cm ish (they are a cross between goosberries and black currants)

    3. Ditto

    4 apple

    5 cherry plum?

    6 nectarine

    7 apple

    8 mulberry

    9 pear

    10 pear

    11 plum

    12 plum

    13 plum

    14 apple

    15 apple

    16 apple

    17 apricot if it’s old and diseased it’s probably best to plant a replacement.

    18 plum?

    19 apple

    20 grape

    Not sure which lemon you have


    Hi all

    Thanks so much to all who have responded. Really appreciate it. I’ve compiled a little excel sheet with what people have suggested and am now going to post a few more pics of the ones in doubt. Hopefully they’ll help to identify them for sure.

    Before that, I thought I should do a little more of an intro.

    I’m pushing 40, my wife not quite. We have a couple of lovely daughters, 3 cats, 3 chickens, 1 of whom just went broody, so I got 5 fertilised eggs from someone who works at Animal Tuckerbox and stuck them under her. Hopefully in 3 weeks we’ll have a few extra chicks. We just moved down to the huon valley in southern Tas. We’ve lived in Tas for 8 years now; I moved for a job 8 years ago. We’ve been living in suburbia for about 6 of those years, but when we first moved here, we rented a converted machinery shed. It was on a property with a bit of land. We got the “bug”, but we were only renting. So it always our dream to get a slice of land of our own and start to live a more self-suffucient lifestyle. Earlier this year I came home one day after work and said to my wife: “We’ve gotta get outta here”. (I think it might have been literally those words.) Work was driving me crazy as well as the community we were in and we both felt we needed to move and completely change lifestyles. So we started looking. Where we live is about half an hour’s drive from where we used to live, so initially we thought it was too far away. (I know, I know, all you mainlanders are scratching your heads in wonder at that statement…) But my wife and daughter were driving down this way one time, saw this house, thought it was beautiful, and then noticed a for sale sign on it. You can fill in the blanks from here. Our house sold within about 4 weeks in a very bad market, and we have just been in wonder that we get to live in a place like this. It’s not all roses: the house is nearly 60 years old, so there’s a lot of maintenance that needs doing, and I’m the definition of anti-handyman. It does get me quite depressed a lot of the time because I know if I knew anythng about house maintenance I’d be much more confident and not overwhelmed. Most importantly, we feel that we’ve taken the first step in escaping the community we’d been in. Through strange circumstances, my wife just resigned from her job 3 weeks ago (she had a permanent part time job with a fixed number of hours but they told her it was being reduced – we worked out that when we factored in petrol costs, she’d be working for $14/hr.) So now we feel like it’s another new start. She’s always wanted to stay at home and is keen as mustard to get more into self-sufficiency. I’m still stuck in my job. hopefully that’ll give more of an idea of who we are.

    Now, the photos of the ones in doubt. For each one, I’ve gotten a shot of the full tree or bush, for size, and then a closeup with some indication of size of fruit…

    First, and at the risk of really annoying some, I forgot to mention we also have 9 raspberry canes and 18 strawberry plants. My daughter is picking about $50 worth of raspberries every day. It’s a bit surreal really.

    Now, this was photo 1 originally. I thought it was a berry. The vote so far is for a gooseberry. Hose next to it. Kerrieb wrote about its maroon-ness, but I think she meant that comment to apply to photos 2 and 3.

    and close up

    Next was photo 2. Photo 2 and 3 were thought to be either blackcurrant or jostaberry. I had a google for each of them and I must admit I can’t see how to tell them apart. Hopefully these photos might help.

    Close up

    I’m putting photo 3 in again, which I originally thought was the same as photo 2, but now I’m not sure, simply because it’s a much bigger plant. It’s either just more advanced or a different fruit.

    Close up

    The other photos are on the next post.


    The next one in doubt was photo 5. it was thought to be maybe a passionfruit or maybe a cherry plum.

    here’s a close up. It’s quite a large tree.

    but there’s almost no fruit on it.

    Next was photo 9, which someone thought might be a pear. There’s no fruit on it.

    Now, here’s one closeup.

    another one, which looks to me like a different leaf. Am I imagining that?

    Photo 17 was of the old diseased-looking tree. People thought it was apricot and should probably be replaced.

    And in this closeup, you can see there is some new growth, but there’s hardly any fruit and most of the tree seems to be very old wood.

    So, if anyone can shed any more light on these, that’d be terrific.

    Many thanks!

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