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Another sad vaccination story

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    That is so terribly sad.

    I thought this: was an interesting take on the whole immunisation debate.

    My children are partially immunised. Child #1 had all hers done in New Zealand (& the schedule at the time was different to Aus). Now she’s older (she’s in her teens), she has final say as to whether or not she wants any immunisations (& yes, we give her as much info for both sides of the debate as we can).

    Child #2 was only ever partially immunised. I won’t go into the whole debate here but only allowed a select few immunisations…for the others, he was either incredibly low risk (Hep at birth? I don’t have it, he wasn’t exposed to it & he’s unlikely to go out doing drugs & engaging in unsafe sexual practices soon after birth!), I had concerns about the vaccine, or the vaccine seemed slightly alarmist (chicken pox? yes, it’s inconvenient but given that natural exposure has a better rate of immunity *and* longer efficacy than the vaccine, why bother? CP is one of those rights of passage as a kid & hardly so life threatening that it requires vaccinating against…my concern now is that because so many kids have had the vaccine, he might not get it & I’ll have to consider vaccinating him as a teenager so he doesn’t run the risk of getting it as an adult & becoming sterile).

    Child #3 was very behind schedule anyway & only partially immunised but I have now made the conscious decision to delay any more immunisations until she is at least 2 years of age…& then, she’ll only be getting some of the immunisations.

    The one thing that *really* gets to me though is lack of information at the immunisation things the Council hold here. You have to sign a form saying you’ve been given information about the vaccines your child is about to have & you are giving informed consent. But I have yet to see any literature available at any of the venues I’ve been to. The people who run them are rushed off their feet & don’t have time to explain anything. And if you do try & talk to them (or if they start questioning your decision to not have some vaccinations), they can sometimes get quite nasty if they sense you’re anything but 100% pro vaccinations. There needs to be better & more info avail to parents. Otherwise how do they provide informed consent?

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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