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    there were no bubbles! Started my ginger beer plant on Monday, fed it every day this morning there were no bubbles on the top and even after giving it sugar & ginger today – still none! What’s happened?:shrug:


    I can’t help you marz but someone else will be able to.



    when I started mine I was expecting big bubbles but then someone posted about how they are really tiny like champagne bubbles. Mine took a while longer than the recipes said and wasn’t hugely bubbly when I bottled it but it sure did get bubbly by the time we drank it.

    Hope it turns out yummy for you



    Could just be the temperature, is it getting cold in your parts?

    Is so, then you will have to wait a bit. Ginger beer plants are alive and have a mind of their own.


    if started in glass, look for bubbles in the sediment,

    if not there?

    ADD a few naturally dried sultanas/raisins, etc. NO OIL!

    you can tell by the bloom on the fruit ie dry and silvery,

    before laboratories, wine was made utilising the wild yeasts on the surface of the grape to ferment the sugars in the fruit, did they know that as we do know,

    SO, adding a few naturally dried grapes will supply the yeast!

    you will see the dried grapes rise to the surface due to gas in the fruit.

    the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae or variants, etc.(much info found on the internet) is the culprit, feeds on the sugars and the waste products are carbon dioxide and alcohol!

    as Bill Mollison states in his book Ferment and Human Nutrition, we have become slaves to the organism!

    fermentation is an ancient craft, easy to reproduce without technology!

    the key is to experiment!!!

    AND beware of dogma.

    if Africans can make miillet beer and kooris fermented native honey and solutions of nectar bearing flowers in water, the sky is the limit



    Marz, we’ve been getting cold at night – DON’T check it in the morning, wait ’til after lunch:)

    And maybe put it somewhere warmer at night? So many people seem to use a windowsill which gives huge temperature swings for the poor confused yeast.


    Sometimes if mine didnt bubble it was because it had gotten too cool over night. I just run some hot tap water into the plugge up sink & sit it in there for a half hour, it start bubbling merrily then. Apparently it needs to be kept at a constant warm temp.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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