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    G’day all,

    some time back I posted an idea at this forum, to create a whole community living the “Ancient” way. It did not take off, so I eventually downgraded it a bit. Now the idea is to build an Ancient farm – what the Romans called a “latifundium”; that is – a farm with a residential part, where they produce most of what they need locally (e.g. – make their own bricks for buildings, pottery, tools, clothes etc.).

    It can be done as a community-owned enterprise, similar to Organic Farm Share (where I am a member), but with a bit of a twist – an added tourism element. Think of an Ancient-style tavern, Roman villa, museum, crafts workshops/shops etc. – these can subsidise the agricultural part. You can read an abbreviated description here:

    Anyone interested is invited to a Roman BBQ in Brisbane on August 25th: for discussion in person. Discussion here is also welcome 😉

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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