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anaemic dog

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    My little Italian Greyhound female is anaemic.

    her bone marrow isnt producing enough red blood cells.

    I need to feed her a handful of red meat for a week till she has another blood test,to see if that has boosted her blood.

    I dont want her to relyon medication I’d rather go natural if possible.

    After reading an article by Sonya on sick dogs I emailled Isabelle Shippard for some herb help and she replied today with the names of 4 herbs

    Nettle-which we have in abundance here though going to seed now.

    Gotu Kola

    Herb Robert

    Alfalfa-is that alfalfa sprouts?

    Can I find these herbs in a nursery-Bunnings, mitre 10,or are they only available from specialist nurseries

    Can I find them in dried form at the health food store?


    sorry I cant give you any assistance but just wanted to say, I hope your girl perks up soon


    You could try Eden seeds or Diggers and see if they have the seeds. You can also get alfalfa sprouts in most greengrocers and supermarkets. Eden Seeds certainly have alfalfa at least. Raw meat sounds like a good idea – why not just feed her raw meat, plus meaty bones and avoid commercial foods? Mix some liquidised vegetables in with mince so she gets the vitamins she needs. Hope she gets better soon.


    Not sure on the others but I saw herb robert on ebay the other day.


    I’d go with the red meat (for the time being) Karyn because it’s their natural diet. What does she normally eat? I hope the poor little girl improves soon.


    Thanks for all your responces and concern,

    The little girl usually has dry bikkies shop bought,food scraps from work/home and I get a bucket of fat from the butchers that has a variety of scraps in it.

    I’ll stick with the red meat I bought pet mince which is mainly roo from the shop,They used to get this a lot but I stopped buying it as they were also getting chicken necks.

    Wehave some liquid iron tonic which we use for the greyhounds so she’s getting a bit of that too.

    Fingers crossed when she has her next blood test she’ll be right.

    Thankyou all


    Here she is the little darling she loves to pose for the camera


    She is gorgeous. Hope she is feeling better soon. :hug:


    Isabelle sells Herb Robert seeds and the dried herb. The beauty of Herb Robert is that it self seeds and is quite a pretty little plant. Perhaps you could ask her if she sells the other herbs as well?


    Isabelle offered a dried concoction of these herbs at $40 also she sells the seeds for them,just thought it would cut down on postage to buy them locally is all.

    Tonight I boiled up some home-grown spinach and cut it finely and put it in with her meat,she lapped it up which is good as she does love her vegies.

    I went to the local show at the next town over from us yesterday and found some people in the dog showing field and asked them what they fed their IG they also give sardines for the omega 3,so I’ve put those on the shopping list.

    Hopefully all these things will boost her up and have her healthier than she has been,I reckon it will take a couple of weeks to get her blood back up just using natural foods.


    You might find some of those dried herbs in health food shops, otherwise I’d get some dried herbs direct from Isabell just to get your dog onto them asap. Then maybe look for a local supplier or growing your own (depending on your climate and soil type).

    I can’t recommend Isabell’s advice highly enough, our staffy continues to defy the vet’s prognosis and bounces along like a puppy.

    His response to the herbs has been amazing and so has the health of some friend’s dogs too – one friend’s dog was saved from being put down over a year ago now, a quick call to Isabell saved her and she continues to live happily today.

    Good luck with your dog, I hope it works out well,



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