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An overwhelming glut of eggs- tips to preserve please.

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    At present we are getting at least a dozen chook eggs a day as well as roughly 3 duck eggs. There is only so much quiche and impossible pie you can feed a family! Is there a way you can preserve eggs in the freezer or dehydration? I originally bought the ducks as they were meant to lay when the chooks dont but here in QLD that is not the case and they are all laying at once. I know we are blessed to have so many cackleberries/ bumnuts but I really need to save them for later.


    Hi GirlFriday,   There is another way to preserve eggs and I think it involves coating them with something

    or other, I just can’t remember what or the procedure.    There should be a thread or two with the information
    if someone can point you to it.
    mummyjas I tried to dehydrate some excess eggs last chooken season but the result looked so 
    unpalatable that I chickened (hehehe) out and got rid of the mess.   P’raps I should have another shot at
    it this season and follow through this time.

    I was told by one of the nurses at work that you can freeze eggs- you just have to pierce the yolk first and they do change consistency but are still ok for baking. Sounds like something I am going to have a go at 🙂

    Bobbee- was it vaseline?


    Could be GirlFriday, I seem to remember something else that was more a liquid also.


    You might be thinking of mineral oil. It is mentioned on many web sites like this one:


    Thanks for that link Steve, most interesting.


    Powdered egg seems interesting. How long can you safely store it/ Any specific storage instructions?


    Here is a video that shows how to dehydrate eggs making them into a powder. Looks like it makes a very good product. She even cooks and eats some as scrambled eggs and says they taste great 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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