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    I’ve managed to find the ratings for An Inconvenient Truth from a website that lists the top 20 movies in Australian cinemas week by week. It seems to have done very well, as it was in the top 20 for 13 weeks.

    Week & Ranking

    13/9/06 18th

    20/9/06 4th

    30/9/06 9th

    4/10/06 10th

    11/10/06 12th

    18/10/06 14th

    25/10/06 12th

    8/11/06 11th

    15/11/06 13th

    22/11/06 14th

    29/11/06 17th

    6/12/06 20th

    13/12/06 20th


    Wow, I’m surprised, but pleased by those figures Warwick 🙂 When I saw it (in September I think) there were about 10 other people in the cinema 🙁


    There were three people at the screening I went to Julie, so these figures were a surprise to me too. Perhaps we live in redneck territory?

    Lyn Bagnall

    I have come across people who won’t see those sort of films “on principle”, but what principle I can’t imagine. There should be more films like An Inconvenient Truth, I say.


    Glad others are going to see it…..there were 7 of us in the theatre the night we went to see it. For a while I thought DH and I were going to be alone….then another couple arrived, then 3 youngsters who talked to each other most of the way through it. Felt very guilty about all the electricity we were consuming via the air conditioning for so few people.

    But then, in this area, electricity production is a boom industry – along with coal mining to produce the electricity – just the sort of population which really needed to see the film! Same area used to provide sunflowers, sorghum, wheat, cattle and sheep. Grrrrrrrrrrr!


    Good news for Aussies, but i know alot of American kids who won’t get to see it. See my only the blind post.


    Ummmm, I ordered An Inconvenient Truth and Who killed the Electric Car on DVD …so it should be here in the next couple ov days….So…Anyone near me, is welcome to borrow one or both if they like.


    I thought “WKTEC” was a very eye opening documentary on the US car industry. It will be interesting to see how they approach the development, sale and marketting of the Volt, their concept plug-in hybrid. I get the impression they are developing the Volt simply in reaction to WKTEC.



    I ordered An Inconvenient Truth and Who killed the Electric Car on DVD …

    Whoa. Kit…. I ordered the same two movies at the same time…. Very cosmic…. are you a Saggitarius? (hahahaha)

    I loved Inconv.. as it really presented global warming in an understandable way. I imagine a lot of people won’t go see it because they don’t want to hear it. Once you see this movie, you will either have to make some changes in your consumptioon, or live with knowing you are incapable of sacrificing to make those changes…. and are willing to burden further generations with the after effects of your lifestyle..

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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