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    We had a nice Christmas with family at Mooloolah on the Sunshine Coast and after dinner we turned the conservation gently around to global warming, peak oil and other like issues. Its always interesting to get a handle on how people ‘outside the fold’ feel about these matters. The ages ranged from 18 to 50. Attitudes were disappointing to say the least – perhaps even depressing. The majority simply don’t believe its happening or ever likely to happen. Those who think its a very remote possibility don’t believe it will happen in their lifetime and see no need to make any changes in their lifestyles. If this is typical of current mainstream Australian thinking then its a big worry. They must think Liz and I are crazy with our intention to create a self-sufficient oasis in the country, but if the worst was to happen they can not say, “Why didn’t you warn us?”


    it’s the “i’m alright jack” thingy warwick,

    i have the same problem in my family, while life goes on they simly don’t want to think of tomorrow, or the tomorrow for their kids. there is no thinking outside the box (idiot box included), they for the main are well entrenched in their comfort zones, like i might say the absolute majority of the rest of the community.

    like you say they don’t want to be warned until it is too late.

    happy new year



    Problem is they will all want to jump on my canoe when their ship is sinking, but that said I live close to my family for that reason, when things start to get tough, and they will, I see people like you and myself with know how will hopefully be able to help those who want it.

    Just wanted the animated movie “Happy Feet” it had a big enviro link, but I feel most wouldn’t get it or feel as bad as I did at the end of the flick.


    Obviously time to buy them Radical Simplicity by Jim Merkel. They probably wouldn’t want to understand it anyway but you can only try.

    Information on the book halfway down the page. It has a very detailed ecological footprint calculator in the book, unlike the one online.


    same for me here. My FIL says climate change is a fact but global warming is bulshit. I told him recently that he contradicts himself in saying that. My Wife says she is on board with me them she tells me she want’s a new V8 dunnydoor when we have perfectly good vehicles.

    Sometimes you feel alone

    but i guess a lot of us have conflict with consumerism and our lifestyles in many ways.



    Ahhh, I don’t even go there. Especially not on Christmas Day.

    I have spoken with family about such matters, but have met much the same response. Then again, Mum surprised me in that she’s talking about renovating their beach house and moving there and wanting to incorporate a lot of ‘green’ options with the power, plumbing etc. Just hope the sea levels don’t rise too quickly and stuff up that journey for them…. :tdown:

    I agree, Dan, there’s all sorts of conflict in our everyday lives. It’s part of living in the modern world. Few of us are able to do everything we wish we could due to time/money etc constraints. It does feel good to know you’re making positive steps with every choice etc though. And all we can do sometimes is lead by example, gift the loved ones with books, seeds, help with a garden or whatever…


    I got depressed over some of our conversion as a few of the people I had lunch with are of the “bring on Nuclear” persuasion. πŸ™


    It’s depressing, isn’t it. We’ve had similar talks with family and friends, one bloke even told H to “f****** shut up”.:o Some deny it completely, others admit to some concern but don’t get how spending money is linked to it, so they keep buying junk. :confused: BTW, those boxing day sales almost made me sick. :p


    I like the way you deal with it all Bella. A gentle word at the right time will work wonders. Maybe you’ve got your mum thinking now huh!

    Rhonda I totally agree. Watched the madness on TV last night and was grateful I no longer have any desire to join the throngs :tup: πŸ˜†


    Actually I don’t agree, I’ve been seeing changes in people all around me who are NOT of the same mindset as me. They are really tiny changes such as not running the car as often (because it costs too much) and not eating meat as often (because it costs too much). Hip pocket will speak louder than words for a lot of people, I’m afraid. When the average Joe Bloe has to pay $4 for a single tomato at Woolies, THEN we might see some RADICAL changes in thinking, but until then I envisage it will be a babystep process. I didn’t get to where I am now in a single day, or week, or year, so I think it is unrealistic to expect everyone else to suddenly have an overnight change in perception and approach.

    Rhonda – I’m with you on the rampant consumerism

    Warwick and Baz – if and when global warming brings on mass starvation and migration, I won’t be hanging around waiting for every Tom DIck and Harry to overrun my property and eat everything in sight. I’ll be long gone into distant hills with my swag, my horse, my dog, and (hopefully) a long list of survival and bush skills. Other similarly minded people are welcome to ride along. The hordes are not.


    Well, my family thought it was laughable that I am reading George Monbiot’s Heat – How to stop the planet from burning and all are firmly planted on the ‘it’s a myth’ side of the debate. Even my husband is unconvinced.

    Interesting weather we’re having this summer… Has it ever been this cold in SE Queensland before?;)


    Not this cold from memory but I’m not knocking it. It’ll be stifling hot again soon enough and I’m loving being able to sleep at night πŸ˜†


    TO be honest not sure xmas day the day to be chatting about climate change etc

    I also agree with sprite ,i see alot of change in people these days even if it only small changes

    And i hope we only talking about climate change with our families and friends and not preaching …..and remember for better or worse their our families and friends and dont have to agree with us


    Cold in SE QLD please we had snow Christmas day in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. I mean to say I was so cold I had to turn the heater on (which meant I needed to relight the pilot light) in December it’s absurd. According to my friends I caught up with yesterday “it’s very strange but has nothing to do with global warming as thats a croc, no truth to it at all. It’s just a conspiracy theory thrown together by smelly tree hugging hippies (no offence Wendy) oh and by the way I got some great bargains at the boxing day sales the boots full of stuff”. πŸ™


    Used to be that sex, politics and religion were the unspoken subjects… the only taboo subjects are those which require positive dedication and some form of altruism. Saving the planet is fine as long as it doesn’t curtail the ownership of the V8 or other fuel guzzler; involve the surrendering of the right to use as much water, fuel and electricity as they are prepared to pay for; necessitate any form of planning or self-reliance when they can depend on someone else to bail them out when the time comes. Thank goodness Christmas only comes once a year….. imagine feeling this disappointed with the rellies on a monthly basis!

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