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    😆 I am sure you will find plenty of study avoidance 😉

    Thank you for your kind words. I am hoping to put the story into book format for family and friends. I just have to get a quote. I have a friend who has recently self-published a great story and am going to hit her up for tips. Mind you, she published to sell and I only want to publish so that I can share my story with the people who are important to me and to give as a gift to people who I think might enjoy it.

    It’s kind of a first-time project because I have another project I want to work on after I start my creative writing degree next year (if I get in). That project will be a lot bigger though and I won’t post it on my blog.

    I’ll leave my story on my blog until I run out of bandwidth and have to start removing stuff to keep blogging (or maybe then I’ll pay to upgrade the site :geek: ).

    I’ve renamed the Pilgrimage link on my site so that hopefully it’s clear where to read the story. Great tip, thank you. And also heaps of thanks to Kirsty for reminding me about copyright.

    You and I look for the same things in stories. I also look for something that makes me sit up and think about my life and relationships.

    ETA: I love nothing more than reading other people’s stories. That’s why I follow so many blogs and read way too many books 😉


    Wow Herby! That was an amazing read!

    Your descriptions of the people you met and the places you saw are so ‘real’. I doubt there would be anybody that wouldn’t have “I know exactly where you’re at” moment in your writing.

    I love the idea of the hero’s journey…you could well be responsible for a mass ALS exodus as we all go on our own pilgrimages!


    Aw thank you Brigitte :shy: I always like reading other people’s stories and having ‘I know exactly where you’re at’ moments so I’m glad that I could provide some for you. I think having those moments makes us feel a bit more connected and normal.

    As for the mass ALS exodus of pilgrimages … I say go for it!! Best thing I ever did!!! :metal: Mind you – the answers were inside me the whole time 😉

    Anyone ever passing through Brisbane is always welcome at our home if they need a place to rest, sleep or eat. Despite what you might have read, my DW and I are pretty ordinary people :tongue:


    Yup, I’ve been reading it too. Lovely! Who knows, maybe an e-book?:tup:



    Herby, I have just finished your story. God bless you, you are very special :hug::hug::hug:


    Hope I represented you fairly Mr Wombat 🙂 And everyone else I wrote about.

    Thank you goldstone. I think you are all really special for allowing me to share … it’s been an important part of my journey and one I promised myself I would do when the time was right.


    Hey herby nice to see you here. Wow that is sure a lot of work you have put in there. I see it llike you play gandalf the grey and then you fight your Balrog and come out the other side gandalf the white ;). I’ve barley been out of the state I think I need to get out a bit :).

    Tho I have recently met a few alsers myself so in small steps I guess. Glad to see things are going well. Keep up the good work.


    Herbman, thanks for taking us on your hero’s journey, it makes all our ‘inner cowards’ shudder in their boots whilst dripping with envy!

    Lovely effort.



    Sarah Jane

    Herby, i dont know what to say but thank you ((hugs)) No words could do justice what you wrote. Your a amazing person, don’t ever forget that.

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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