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    Just wanted to say thankyou for sharing and for being so open.

    I’ve been reading your posts over the last few days over my lunch breaks (I’ve had to take extra long lunch breaks due to the addictive nature of your writing!!!! ).

    Reading your posts I felt like I was on the trip too, you really do have a way of writing. I’m glad that the trip helped you, it seems like you are in a much better place than when you first started.

    Oh and I’m glad you came back to ALS I had often wondered what had happened when you left.

    Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip.


    sue e

    hi bluezbandit. was wondering where you got to! maybe you could tell us about your odyssey too.!:tup:


    Can you write faster please Andy. I want to read your whole story while it’s still free (well we do belong to a living simply forum 😆 ). Seriously, some publisher is going to read this and offer you a book contract. :metal:


    Sue E: I have been having my own adventure checking out the wildlife of the beautiful Ningaloo Reef. I had a wonderful time with manta rays, whales, turtles, dolphins and the dugongs. I took loads of photos to show my children in my class. They were excited that I had gotten so close to the animals. Unfortunately, I was supposed to meet up with Herbman during his Tassy jaunt but my trip came unexpectedly as I won it and it had to be taken when I took it. One day, somewhere in this wide brown land I will finally get to meet him.


    sue e



    @ Vanessa Thank you for reading my story. :kiss: I am glad I decided to share it and am thankful for having a space where I can share it. I am glad to be back on ALS. I just needed some space for a while to sort some stuff out.

    @ Gianna That’s really sweet of you to say :kiss: I don’t think any publishers have the time to read blogs. I did toy for a while with the idea of saving the story to try to get it published but decided that I wanted to write the story to be read not to gather dust while I tried to get it right and then while I fought with all the known writers to get a deal. And had to deal with the reality that the story would probably never get out there. Much as I dream of having my own book – gone are the days when print is the only way to share a story. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing. Mind you – the dream still lives on … I have another project that I’m saving for when I have a mentor through my creative writing course (hates having to wait for first round uni offers in early 2011) :geek:


    and just when I think I’ve caught up, you sneak in another couple of pages 😆

    so much for your two days off, 😉


    I haven’t post anything new about my pilgrimage though. I won’t post any more of that story until tomorrow night or Monday. Promise 🙂

    Am a bit miffed though because WordPress crashed while I was in the middle of a post. Just realised I don’t have a backup on my computer. That’s the first thing I’m going to do when WordPress comes back online. Would hate to lose everything I’ve written :confused:


    Heart attack avoided. WordPress is back online. Am now creating a back-up on my computer because if I lose all that work I’ll be devastated!


    Glad you are posting about your journy Andy, I am enjoying the read, It’s an inspiration to get off my butt and just get out there and live life:hug:


    :hug: Love what you have written – I have spent 2 hours reading and loving your written journey!!

    Your photos are brilliant and they tie everything in beautifully!!

    I wish I had of caught up with you at Humbugs……. Though your description of Woz’s snoring is making me second guess my wish 😆

    Gine your niece and nephews a well deserved hug – the world need more blokes like you!! :tup:


    Thank you RTB and Mum2twins 🙂

    😆 about Woz’s snoring. Despite the snoring I can assure you that Woz is a great bloke! :metal: And I’m sure that after I fell asleep my snoring was no quieter than his – He just had the sense to crash out first :tongue: 😆

    :shy: at your last comment m2t


    Gianna wrote: Can you write faster please Andy.

    I’m back at it for you Gianna. 🙂


    I have finally finished my story. At 58,000 words it’s a bit long but hopefully it doesn’t put you all to sleep.

    You can find the whole story here:

    Shangri La

    What will I do NOW when I want to avoid studying!!!! It was a fantastic read Herby, I thought, quite early on that you should be writing a book as you really do have a very unique story – you could say everyone does but yours even more so and even in blog form i think it has made all of us sit up and think about our lives and relationships….. and good stories do that!

    I hope you have more time to spend with your wife now and for reading other peoples stories!

    Will you leave it up for a while? I t would be good if you could re arrange it so that anyone new reading it knows to start at the beginning and not the end

    Well done!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 54 total)
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