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    As most of your are probably aware ALS features snippets of News relevant to our core topics on the home page of the site.

    But did you know that you as an ALS Member could contribute to this section as well?

    There are Two ways to go about it.

    The First way is to use the Submit News Link located in the Navigation Menu on the top left corner of any ALS page. Fill in the appropriate fields with the title of the news story, and a brief snippet of the article along with a link to the original article. then al you have to do is click the Submit News button and your done! An Admin will then review your submission and if all is well, your submitted News will be on the ALS home page for all our Members to enjoy. This is the preferred method.

    The Second way to submit a News item is even easier. Simply Send me a Private Message with a link to the Item you would like to submit. I would ask that you only use this method as a last resort only if you cannot submit via the “Submit News” Link for whatever reason due to the increased work load it brings.

    Just a couple of guidelines for Sumissions: Please keep the News relevant to ALS, and please do not cut and paste the entire article, if you do the submission will be rejected.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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