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    Thanks Bobbee!! I have seen that – I’m blaming pregnancy brain!!


    thanks so much Bobbee, Ive marked it in my diary! cheers! 😀


    @ Rush, Not to worry, been there done that, and there’s absolutely nothing strange or peculiar about me now is there??????? 😆 😆 😆

    @ shadowdancer, You’re most very welcome. :tup::tup::tup:


    hehehe If I am VERY careful I may yet turn the threads into chat rooms, but for heaven’s sake don’t tell the admins or the Mr. Bigs please. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:



    I may yet turn the threads into chat rooms

    I will not tell, if you do not tell, Bobbee 😉

    mumsdawordingly yours


    Lady BeeLady Bee

    My tastes are simple. Earthy colours, natural things, practical things. I’m not really a girly type. Not into frills, fluffy things. I don’t carry a handbag (hate them with a passion) if it can’t fit in the pocket of my jeans I don’t take it. Don’t wear skirts or dresses.

    Things I like to do; I play computer games – just stand alone things, not over the net, but I won’t buy anything that’s not a G or PG rating. I like the ones that make you think – puzzles and adventure games. I make cheese, preserve, grow stuff, cook and wish I could afford a cleaner. Oh and I don’t/won’t iron.

    Not much else I can tell you really. I’m very down to earth sort of person.


    Well i have just made it been away. I like anything homemade and handcrafted but something functional is probably better as trying to

    declutter all the dusting things. Relly i am not fussy at all biut just to help you out.

    Love love love my garden, kitchen has red accessories, and love homemade soap lotions and potions because one of the few things I havent tried yet.Like reading up on organic garden magazines especially old ones,scrapbooking is one of my hobbies. Unusual seeds that will grow in sub/tropical.

    Hope that helps.:D


    I’m easy. I like surprises – surprise me!!


    Bobbee said:

    I may yet turn the threads into chat rooms

    Doc wrote:

    I will not tell, if you do not tell, Bobbee 😉

    mumsdawordingly yours


    Awwww you’re roolly very sweet Doc.

    Keepingunderthehattingly yours,

    Bobbee :hug::hug::hug:


    I’m sure anything my partner wants to send will be wonderful but if you’d like some ideas, I particularly like my completely edible garden, making preserves & baking, & sewing for my kids (13 F, 3 M & 1 F). I do cross stitch in the evenings for fun. I’m a keen photographer. I have been known to dabble in quilting. I have a huge interest in unusual edible plants. My fav colour is purple. My friends think I’m weird because I talk about my Pekin bantams far too often (pfft…that’s not weird is it?!). I’m not really into overly “girly” or cottagy stuff & I try not to clutter the house too much…but the garden has more than it’s fair share of Easter Island-inspired heads (much to the dismay of my husband…lol). I’m not allergic to anything but sometimes overly perfumed products upset my sinuses.

    But really…despite the above, I’m not fussy & anything will be fine as long as you had fun making it!


    I’ve had such lovely things from previous swaps I’m really looking forward to this one

    I have allergies / skin issues so can’t do woollen things or perfumed things alas but apart from that love earthy colours rather than pastels (I’m another of the favourite colour is purple tribe!), and I like to eat, drink, read, preserve, cook and sleep (not necessarily in that order!). I’m not overly girly but there is a bit of me that occassionally loves a good floral pattern :lol::lol::lol:


    I am happy with anything, gardening is good, heritage seeds is real good, I like self sufficiency stuff, but really I am thrilled with the spirit of the swap and just happy to take part in it, opps I forgot fishing is also good. 🙂



    Anyone else now Lady B has assigned swap buddys.


    I love the spirit of the swaps above all else and I love planning what I am going to give more than anything else.

    For my swap buddy though I am another in the purple brigade although I do also love a splash of red (not necessarily together mind) I love gardening and hate housework with a passion. I am trying to declutter so prefer practical over anything that needs dusting. No allergies except to penecillin (the only reason I get motivated to clean my fridge -dont do mould!!!:rip:)



    I’m off to read up on my swap buddee……

    Thanks Lady B.



    I should have done this a few weeks ago, but if my swap buddy is still searching for ideas then I hope this helps.

    I am trying to get back into veggie gardening, since moving back to the city where the weather and soil is a bit more conducive to things growing compared to where I was where it was a real struggle to keep anything alive.

    I probably prefer practical to ornamental (attempting to declutter) but ornamental is also nice, Our house is modern (5 years old) with a lot of cream (walls, floor tiles, vertical blinds etc) but furnished in more of a country theme, with timber furniture etc, I love the “country craft” style paintings and crafty things.

    One problem I have come across is never having enough pockets when I am out in the garden……go and collect the chooks eggs, get side tracked by something else, ….eggs go on the window sill….. now where did I leave the secateurs, ……where did I put my gloves to last. So I had been thinking that something like a mini apron or a tool belt would be handy, something with pockets that I can put seeds in, secateurs etc while i’m out in the garden pottering.

    Inside I am forever soaking tshirts and the like because I have splattered something on me while cooking, so an apron would be handy.

    We tend to spend a fair bit of time outside on weekends and evenings, with the dog (our 12month old, 44kg Rottie X Koolie “Boof”), so if my buddy knows how to make toys for big dogs I’m sure he will appreciate them, although his way of “appreciating” is to try to pull it apart, I’m thinking of making him some “rope” toys out of old denim plaited together or something, because most of the cotton ones I have bought him have lasted a day or two at the most before there is lots of cotton all over the lawn LOL, at least he has fun.

    Favourite colour would probably be blue, but I like other colours aswell, not really too fussy there.

    Well I hope that babble has given some ideas to my buddy about me, what ever they send me will be appreciated and I hope they have fun making it, I’m off to do a bit more of my buddies swap present.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 64 total)
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