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    Love earth colours.

    What else……… just happy to receive what ever is my speical gift. Just go with the flow. Yes go with the flow, being Friday afternoon and dead on my feet. Cheers


    Apart from strongly perfumed things, I’m not fussy. I never know which ones will set me off sneezing unfortunately.

    There are four of us here 2 adults 2 young kids 4 and 7. I like bright colors, my husband the more subdued ones so whatever you pick someone will like it.

    It will be fun seeing who I get and seeing if I can pick something they like.

    I will be happy to recieve anything I love getting parcels:hug::hug::hug:

    I am looking forward to this swap as I will l to actually have a bit of time to make something nice.


    I’m allowed in, so thought i would add to this list.

    I think the major thing if you get me is remembering you have to post to the UK, so something lightweight would be good.

    colourwise i’m easy, although i don’t really like pastelly shades. i’m very into becoming self sufficient, so anything reuseable that could replace throw away items would be cool.

    think thats all i’ll say. i look forward to making my project and sending it off, and then waiting for my parcel to arrive….i love swaps!:clap:


    Yay, swapping! I love swaps 😆

    I love handmade, I’m pretty sure I’ll be easy to please – I sew, knit, quilt, spin, dye yarn and fabric, do a little scrapbooking from time to time, play in the garden when I can and I have just started dabbling in soapmaking – anything I can use in these pursuits would be super awesome! Pretty much anything would be great really :tongue: I love items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing- it’s something I strive for in the things that I make 😀 I don’t really have a favourite colour or theme as such, but I love the style of fabric designers Amy Butler, Lara Cameron, Aunty Cookie and Kristen Doran, among others. A little vague I know, but I’m just that kinda girl 😉

    There’s only one thing that I absolutely can’t have, and that’s sheeps wool – I have a severe contact allergy to it and my hands will literally blister if I touch it. I haven’t had problems with the raw alpaca I’ve been playing with, so I suspect it’s either the lanolin or something used in processing the wool :shrug:

    Anyway, I hope this will be helpful to my swap partner – can’t wait to find out who I’m sending to and start dreaming up what to make!

    Kais Mummy

    Will be happy for anything my swapper to be decides on,but if you need any help,I love cooking and baking,love soaps and candles….ohhh I do love these swaps!!!

    Shangri La

    just sent my pm, lucky I logged in to check the cut off sate for a pm.

    I just love surprises but do prefer something useful. I love beach colours since I’m now at the beach but also love red, purple and lime green!

    I’m not allergic to anything except housework.


    Hi all,

    I have just registed…

    I like eveythin ‘hippy’ and alternative! Witchy or new age is great too.

    I am very happy with anything made with love… wiull be delighted to recieve anything you create!

    I am goiung through a tough time at the moment. so hope this will be a nice distraction and a chance to give something back!




    Hi all

    I’m so looking forward to being a part of this swap! I hope there will be lots of pics so we get to see what all you clever, creative people come up with.

    As for me, I too love handmade things. My fave colour is blue, blue and blue. Other than that I like earthy tones and textures. I don’t really like country or frilly or flowery, more into bold, quirky or modern. I love books, gardening, scrapbooking, cooking, eating whatever…I can’t knit so I really appreciate anything knitted, especially socks, beanies, dishcloths. I do have sensitive skin so have to be careful about lotions and potions.

    Um.. so whatever!!! Can’t wait to get started!!!:D


    Hi All,

    this is new and exciting for me!

    Um… I love cooking (and eating). We (my and hubby and 18 month old son) live in a small “renovators dream” so prefer something useful over decorative as we don’t have alot of space! Prefer bold colours like red.

    Also trying to establish a vegie patch. I’m sure I will love whatever it is that someone makes me! and I will do my best to make something you will like too!


    cheers and thanks,



    I like most animals. Dislike many humans. Like country themes and flowers. Love my herbs and aromatherapy. Like almost all colours and combinations of. Dislike banks and shire councils. Dislike powerpoint presentations and terms such as ‘cascade’, ‘touch base’, ‘bench mark’ and ‘ball park’. Like tradies, dislike suits.

    Hope this helps my swap buddy to know me better. :tup: :hug: :kiss:


    Hi Tam

    Dislike many humans

    I promise, if I am your buddy I will not send you many people and not offer to touch base (or any other body part) without permission 😀

    chookingly yours

    Doc 😉


    rofl Doc!!! nice!!! lol.

    So what are the dates to have our “swap” item made by? I can’t seem to find the post that mentions the last date for posting etc. And Im fairly sure I’ve read it somewhere? 😐 :confused: Absent mind lately! Sorry? 😆


    Hi all,

    been rather slack latey and not online much. 🙂

    But I am pretty easy. love food, love functional things and am a bit of a hippy/new age kinda girl!

    Also due to have baby two in June (girl). i’m not much of a girly girl so my only request if you decided on something ‘baby’ please no pale pink prettyy things – although I’m sure my mums op shop would appreciate it, it just wont get a run in our house!!

    Getting my hair in dreadlocks next week (bit of a lifelong dream) so a hair scraf or something would be great also..

    But honestly – i’d be touched (in an appropraite manner) by anything you wanted to send… I’m getting very excited!!

    When do we find out who our swappie is? Or have they been listed and i’ve missed it? :shrug:

    Thanmks everyone – off to have something naughty and lazy for dinner!! 😉


    Here ’tis:

    Roll up, roll up. Time to launch the 2010 Home-made Swap.

    Important dates are:

    If you want to join in, PM to me by 31st March Please include your POSTAL ADDRESS

    I’ll announce swap buddies by 4th April

    Swaps to be posted by Friday 7th May



    DON’T PM ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    PM LADYB please.

    Nuffin 2 doo wif meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 64 total)
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