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    boy wrangler

    I will be happy with whatever I receive, I just love the thoughts and processes that go into home made things!

    So … I love cooking/baking/preserving, my favourite colours are green (and blue in the kitchen), I’m relatively new to this gardening caper so seeds would be great! I’m mum to two young boys (almost 3yrs and 1yr) so I’d love something kid-related.

    But I’m really not fussy, just looking forward to getting started!


    I love everything that you all love too – in purple or green tones (or both!)

    I love gardening, cooking, preserving, craft, (prob don’t need anything to keep warm though pr anything knitted etc -lol)

    I love geese (esp sebastapol geese) and frizzle bantams:shy:

    I usually prefer functional items to decorative

    I have always used and still do use some of the items (soap runs out and you HAVE to stop using it!) that I have recieved previously and I LOVE them:tup::tup:


    hmmm… this thread certainly gets you thinking…

    Anything anyone wants to make is rather appreciated…. Made With Love… I say :hug:

    I love reading, reading, knitting, cooking, ohh did I mention reading 😆 gardening, chilaxing, sewing

    There is not enough time in the day to do everything!!!


    Anyone have any idea why my post on this thread has disappeared – it was here yesterday:shrug:

    Unless liking purple is against the rules I’m pretty sure there was nothing bad in it :(:(:(


    I like earthy tones, purples and teal is my fav! 😀

    I like anything environmentally friendly!

    I collect Witches, and I absolutely LOVE crows! 😀 I am not into country crafts though, but tilt more towards the hippie side of things.

    I will love anything I’m given 😀 I’m truly not fussy nor am I ungrateful! :hug:


    I think we should form a purple and green club! I love those colours too. I am sensitive to perfumes (even some natural essential oils) and prefer not to get anything scented, but that’s the only don’t. Useful is preferred over decorative, but I have a good sense of fun, so that’s only a guide. Really, would love to receive anything someone has taken the time to make by hand.

    So great to see so many people involved!


    Will appreciate anything made for me :D.

    Having said that my main interests are sewing, crocheting and cooking. And I really prefer functional things over pretty decorative things (unless I can use them of course!!!)

    So just enjoy making the item you send me and I shall appreciate it immensely. I still use the breadboard my H/M swapper made me last year and yet before recieving it, I lived quite well without one :tongue:.

    Lizzy 😀


    well I like bright colours (mmmm rainbows…) useful is good, trying to reduce the clutter :shrug:

    I seem to be insanely busy at the moment and I need to organise myself better :geek:

    I’m looking forward to finding the time to make something special for someone special :kiss:

    jennifer g

    I love everything arty crafty, handmade and useful! Love all colours, patterns and well am just easy to please by the looks! 😉 As long as you have fun making the swap gift i will be happy!


    Bumping this on the list thismorning! 😀 Have a fantastic day everyone!


    colour wise I like green and blue. Anything would be appreciated


    I suppose I should add that I am colourblind :geek:

    blinkeredingly yours

    Doc 😉


    Hi, I still have to register for the swap so I will go hunt for appropriate thread and pm LadyB. I have a temperamental ‘puter just now and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!!!! :shrug::shrug:

    I like ‘different’……..if I was slim enough I would wear hippy kinda clothes.

    Like someone else on the site I am proud of being different! Not quite sure who said that.

    I am into patchwork and quilting and embroidery. Lurve books and nature and choc and champagne .

    I’ve just started making soap, I like candles , I like seeds or cuttings of ‘different’ vegies, you know wot I mean, purple carrots and stuff like that.

    I am very ‘into’ new age, alternative, flower power, hippy stuff.

    I just love receiving pressies [and giving them] and I will love whatever my swapper sends. So dinna fret, send me anything at all. :tup::tup:



    I would be happy with whatever my homemade giver gives me (if that makes sense?) 😉 😀


    I would also be happy with anything but if you (my swap partner) would like some ideas here goes:metal:

    Um I have just started playing the tin whistle so a pouch to keep it in would be cool!

    Maybe a decorated A4 binder thingo to keep my sheet music in:tup:

    I got an old dog at christmas and I think she may feel the cold this winter (her first with me so Im not sure) She is a small dog, Foxy cross so she might like a little doggy jacket/cardy :shrug:

    or anything else you can turn a hand to would be fabo :kiss:

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 64 total)
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