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    Hi all of you home made 2010 swappers :wave:

    This thread is for you to tell each other a little about yourself to provide some ‘assistance’ to help your swap buddy identify you and maybe help him/her to decide what type of gift to make.

    Sort of like a wedding gift list without the acquisition of in-laws 😀

    Perhaps a few likes or dislikes, favourite things – you know, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages…for chucking up in on planes…you know the sorts of things I mean.

    You do not have to list the medications you take, what diet you have tried, how one of your sheep has eloped with a ‘roo and you are worried about them having wooly jumpers as kids.

    You do not need anything of a personal nature, just something that may add to the ‘fun’ dimension of the swap.

    Everybody remembers ‘fun’ I hope :geek:

    So, see how it goes.

    I am off to make a soap box :metal:

    swappingly yours

    Doc 😉


    lmfao@soap box.. 😀

    Have fun swappers!


    Well since having posted above I’ve decided to join in the swap so here goes:

    No in-laws thanks, no need to say more!

    I’m not fussy, so anything will be lovely thanks. I will mention that I’m not a big drinker and that there is one thing that I would absolutely love if anyone is up for making it… My mum has what I think she calls an “afghan…?” (or is that a rug?!) It was my grandmothers and was passed to my mum when she died two years ago. It’s a thick woolen/felt throw (sewn, not knitted) that she wears around her shoulders and it’s fantastic! Much heavier than a scarf or pashmina and quite large – when mum wears it around her shoulders it covers her whole back and hangs below her waist at the front. I hope that’s clear. Anyhoo, if anyone is able to work out what I’ve just said and is able to make it for me, I’d be happy to contribute to the cost as I think to make such a thing is above and beyond the call of swap duty/expense.. 😀

    Forgive my ramblings.. :shy:

    Have fun!


    lolly, any pics? sounds fabulous.

    i like just about everything, except things that just sit and collect dust. that’s more about my housekeeping skills, i think.

    anyhoo, what i would really like is something for my daughter’s dollhouse, which we made for her recent birthday. it’s big and, well, empty. it doesn’t even have any people in it. 🙁 she’d be really pleased, too.

    to give an idea of scale, the rooms are W50cm x H35cm x D40cm.

    i do love a good swap.



    Having never done this before I am trying to think of something to write 😆

    I love patchwork and quilting, love any soft furnishings, love soft colours like blues and yellows and greens. I am very traditional country when it comes to decorating….hmmmm…..not sure what else I can add.

    I would love ANYTHING from my swap buddy as they have taken the time to make/buy something for someone they have never met. Thats what it is about for me:D

    I just thought of something important……I am anaphylactic to preservatives, sulphur, vinegar, lemon juice so that is probably something I should put here.


    Well, I live on 40 acres and would love some lambs or piglets!

    No, seriously, I love ‘anything country’ whether decorative or useful. Favourite colours: china blue and jade – not necessarily together.

    Love growing things: edible and ornamental – am just setting up a ‘purple/mauve/lilac’ ornamental garden.

    Besides that, I love surprises – so anything goes really.


    I love the colour green…

    I love wool, felt, knitted stuff.

    I love eating :shy: Especially picking fresh produce from the garden, creating a beautiful meal… and finishing it off with a nice chutney/relish/pickle on the side. :tup:

    I love nice soap and lotions and potions etc.

    I love anything!

    Especially when it has been homemade with lovely intent.



    I love greens and earthy colours oh and purple too.

    I love knitted things and tie dye or anything made out of scraps of anything – creative, funky go wild 😆

    Soaps and soapy related things are excellent as well 😀

    Cushion covers would be wonderful, mine are falling apart.

    But anything really, it doesn’t take much to get me excited. Suprise me 😀


    Hi Lolly,

    Would you have a picture of this afgan? It sounds lovely.


    For those looking for a picture of an afghan here are a couple:

    Now, keep this thread on topic so we can learn more about each others tastes (or lack of) 😀

    About me:

    If you have ever visited my blog or Scarecrow’s (lover/wife/best friend) you know that I like anything that makes me look busy or S finds me more jobs to do 😀

    How easy is that.:tup:

    No, seriously, I am very impressed with any home made item because I love the talent that is behind it.

    Many people have a great talent for sewing, knitting, crocheting (is that a word?), drawing, painting, cooking and a whole heap of other skills that I feel the whole community needs to share.

    It is great to see them displayed and I dare anybody to try to convince me they do not have a skill to share.

    Yes, I make soap, toys, spinning wheels, spindles, puzzles etc etc etc. We all have to live, but this does not mean that I can not appreciate same from you :hug: <

    That was a free hug because it sounded like a good place to put it.

    Anyhoo, enough reading, get back to adding your contribution and I will check this thread again later.

    afghaningly yours

    Doc 😉

    Judi B

    :jawdrop: I’ve tried twice to post and nothing :shrug:

    Maybe third time lucky 😆

    Anything will do for me, of late I’ve been feeling a bit old so anything that will make me feel better.

    Judi B

    :clap: did it


    :clap: Judi.. definitely third time lucky. :hug:

    Love the afghans Doc.. really did make me lol!

    I’ll try to get a picture of mum’s warmer-upper-thingy.. won’t be for a week or two though.. :wave:


    Anything that would keep this old girl warm in winter like bedsocks:lol:


    Quilting is my passion. I love purple, dislike “country”themed things and things that collect dust. I love to cook and could do with some new pot holders. I usually do not eat food I have not prepared. I have never done a swap and hope I get someone who likes quilted things.

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