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    Does anyone know what the swarms of tiny insects are invading SE Qld at the moment? They look like

    sand flies but do not bite. I am sleeping with cottonwool in my ears after a few dreadful nights. They are too small to photograph.


    Hi Muster. We are at Widgee. Not sure what they are but they are in their thousands. They are so small that they get through the fly screens. Buggar!


    We have a few that look like miniature vinegar flies lately they have a hard shell so they probably are mini beetles.

    They seem harmless, buts its not a plague here.


    Juvenile biting midges don’t bite, maybe they aren’t adults (females that bite and feed on blood) that you are seeing.

    Also, not all midge species bite.


    They are driving us nuts as well. They get in through the flyscreens in their thousands and the air in the kitchen is thick with them so they fly up your nose and in your mouth. Hopefully they bugger off soon.


    I came across this article several days ago in the brisbanetimes (about the enormous numbers of vinegar flies currently in the area): Fascinating – although, I’ll be relieved when their numbers return to a normal level 🙂


    We have them here too, but I don’t think they are vinegar flies. Just itty bitty moth things. They are so thick in the house of a night. They are still in the kitchen of a morning too and I have to work in the almost dark in the wee hours with the windows open, hoping they will bugger off for the day.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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