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Advice need for Re-starting the vegie garden

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    standies wrote:

    I also bought 3kg of Delaware seed potatoes from Bunnings which I am going to make wire cylinder cages to grow them in rather than beds so that I can grow them in the chook yard with the sweetcorn (fenced off from teh chooks).

    3kg!!! Is that a lot ? :metal: You will have such a fabulous veg patch and cages.


    Hi Michelle,

    Sounds like you are doing a great job getting the garden ready for planting.

    I love this time of year when you start planning and planting for the summer growing season. It always gets me excited!.

    I am also between Albany and Perth – Narrikup in fact. Are you anywhere near there?

    Cheers Alexandra


    Hi standies! Congrats for starting new veggie garden. And I just want to say that If your garden soil is acidic, you will want to increase soil pH. Lime is most commonly used. It is readily available in your local garden store. To lower the pH of alkaline soils, compost and manures are the best materials to use. Thank you.


    ummm stink bugs? Gag:rip: not so sure I want to smell that (not too sure I’d like to eat something that smells like that either!). I will get a photo of it tomorrow…it didn’t die off in winter, it grew like mad, is probably closer to 90cm than 60cm but today I did notice little mauve flowers that remind me of brocoli. I think the photo is necessary:)

    Is 3kg of potatoes alot? I really would like to get to the point of growing all our vegies, so have bought enough supplies to hopefully see me through the disasters of learning to be a gardner:lol: Although I’m not to sure how long I can store the seed potatos for.

    Have been busy with the vegie bed this week, I found some lovely composty loam at the base of an old tree so shovelled, sieved out the gravel and charcoal and other bits and emptied another 25 wheelbarrowfuls into the beds. So its now about pitchfork deep throughout the beds, and I have turned it all over as some had got compacted.

    And my GrowCover arrived today so that can be put up once we build the polypipe frame.

    My next big question is…I have a compressed bag of sugar cane mulch and 6 bales of straw as well as a bag of blended manure.

    I was planning on spreading the bag of manure then the sugar cane mulch then layer the straw on top and dig holes for the seedlings/seeds (filling the holes with potting mix). Is this ok or should I be doing something different?

    LOL I know this is probably a real basic question, but I am determined to get it right so that I can change the colour of my thumb;)

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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