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Adelaide Hills Produce Swap – first Saturday of every month in Stirling

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    It’s organised!


    1st Saturday of every month from 3pm – 4pm

    The Table Restaurant, 2/120 Mt Barker Road, Stirling, above bus stop 39.

    (1st swap is on Saturday 7th July)

    Essentially it is a place where like minded people can have a chat over a cuppa, share some produce and exchange tips on what to do with all those tomatoes, zucchinis and lemons we always end up with every year!

    By swapping your organic home grown and homemade produce you will add variety to your diet, save money, reduce food miles, eat fresh local food, meet new people, catch up with old friends and gain knowledge about cooking and gardening.


    Fresh organic home grown fruit and vegetables



    Home made jams and preserves

    Home dried fruit

    Home made sauces and chutneys

    Seeds, seedlings and cuttings

    Fresh cut flowers





    Gardening and cooking books


    People come to this with a spirit of generosity and community. What you bring goes onto a communal table and then we can all take what we would like and what we think is a fair swap. No money is to be exchanged for goods. No membership is required.

    The only money you need is to buy a tea or coffee and cake from The Table restaurant – it’s the least we can do to help support them for giving us a wonderful venue, plus their cakes are to die for! Please note that if you bring baked goods to swap, they are not to be consumed on the premises.

    Any home produced goods, ie cakes, jams, sauces, etc must be labelled with ALL ingredients used.

    For food safety reasons, meat products will not be allowed.


    Totally bragging, but today was a resounding success! The spirit of generosity & community is alive and well in the Adelaide Hills. Today was the first ever produce swap meet at The Table restaurant. Thank you to everyone who came & brought such wonderful produce. You have warmed my heart. It was lovely to meet so many awesome people.

    On the table was kale, silverbeet, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, limes, keffir limes & leaves, mizuna, rocket, garlic chives, mint, Vietnamese mint, eggs, rainbow chard, bay leaves, butternut pumpkins, Kent (Jap?) pumpkin, parsley, irises, potted Russian kale seedlings, muffins, bread, shortbread, Gardening Australia magazines, jars, egg cartons (thank you!), rhubarb, sage, winter savory, marmalade, sunflower seeds, other seeds (sorry can’t remember what they were), tree dahlia canes, walnuts, and some truly wonderful artworks – a beautiful wet felted 5 little ducks scene and some gorgeous clay echidna’s.

    I’m blown away by how amazing today was. Thank you all again & a big thank you to The Table restaurant for helping make this happen. Hope to see even more people next month. 😀


    BV that sounds like it was a great success. I am keen to come once I have things to swap 🙂


    Congratulations, BV! It sounds like you had a fantastic swap day — isn’t it amazing what can be achieved by simply having a go.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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