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    Glad you made it thru on the shortcut, fruitful. Yes the company was lovely wasn’t it, must do this more often. So much to talk about, so little time.

    Nice to know Derek can see some practicalities amongst the hippyism, in the end we are practical people, just tackling some problems a little differently from the mainstream.


    Thank you so much for hosting today, Greth. We all enjoyed ourselves. It was really lovely to meet so many wonderful people.

    My eldest left her shoes by your sandpit. Are you coming this direction at all anytime soon? Can I meet you somewhere to get them back? They’re her favourites :blush:

    My littlest one fell asleep on the way home & hasn’t woken up again! Extremely unusual.


    It was great to meet everyone, a beautiful day and it was fantastic to chat you all about things other people don’t seem interested in 🙂

    Thanks greth for hosting and it will be great to catch up again with you all 🙂


    Thanks Greth for hosting this GTG. Lovely to meet all of you there 🙂


    Delivered the Bandicoot shoes today, lovely to see their garden and meet the new chicky!

    We all enjoyed making some new friends, the girls especially had a whale of a time.


    Apologies again for not being able to make it yesterday! Construction certainly takes a lot longer than we had originally planned for.

    We still haven’t concreted anything in yet but it all looks stable enough to hold out til next weekend – as long as the borrowed concrete mixer is still here by then we should get there.

    I am sorry that I missed catching up with everyone and meeting those whom I have not yet met.

    I hope I didn’t put you out too much by not coming, Greth. It was never my intention.

    Hopefully next time there will not be an imminent construction event going on simultaneously here!

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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