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    We’d love to come along Greth, if that’s ok? Me plus my 6 year old DS. No allergies. Could you PM me the address please? Looking forward to it!


    Will do the address bits next week, when I have a bit more time to do posts. Really looking forward to it, BYO bags and boxes if you want to raid produce or plants!


    Hi Greth! I can’t make it this time, but Bel has offered to be a courier for me. Can I send something up to you to trade for some of that society garlic? On hand I have:

    Jams — cherry, quince or apricot

    Hand knitted dishcloths

    Quince paste

    Tulle produce bags

    Also wondering if you have any Salad Burnett or Yarrow in your herb collection?

    Let me know what you think.


    Salad burnet and yarrow (white flower) I can do for you. The society garlic turned out to be garlic chives, so I have masses of those, only a few society garlic, Dad was misinformed or something. Pretty similar, more useful actually, so not complaining. If you are just as happy with that, will send it.

    I love apricot jam, so that would be welcome, also the produce bags. Whatever you think is a fair swap, taking the nominal price of $2 a pot.

    Now facing trying to get the house tidy enough for guests by next week, not that I think you are particularly fussy, just that I like to have it as nice as possible.

    You are doing me a favour giving me the incentive.

    If the weather should be cold and miserable, don’t worry, we will have a toasty fire here, it isn’t the back of Siberia. Kanmantoo often catches the sun when the rest of the hills is in fog, the good bit about living in the rainshadow.

    Do think about bringing a plate of afternoon tea to share, love to taste your home cooking too!


    Thanks, Greth, I will have a parcel ready to send! I’ll happily take whatever garlic chives you can spare, they will make a lovely border for my new veggie bed. Will definitely take a pot each of yarrow and salad burnett too. Sorry I won’t be there in person, my good wishes for a beaut day will have to do for this time!


    Really looking forward to this meet. Ali, will be lovely to see you again. Kaff’s was a loooong time ago!


    I THINK I have sent directions to Bel, Ceres, Kristy, dierich, Bandicoot Valley and ali celt.

    If they don’t turn up please PM me and I will have another stab at it. It was a bit fiddly as I was cutting and pasting directions, but had to wait 60 seconds in between each one.

    Looking forward to seeing you, sausage roll baking day soon. Ali, recalcitrant 16 year olds are fine, my own 16 son is good with them!


    Hmm, seems I have another 16 year old boy visiting, oh, well, he can help set out the eggs.

    If anyone needs to contact me quickly or wants to chat, I am often findable as Greth Howard on Facebook.


    Thanks Greth. Got the directions, thanks. What time was it again?


    From 1 till 4, egg hunt to be at 2. Looks like perfect weather for it, yay, when I plan something I try to work the weather into it 😛

    For Anzac Day, I can share one Gallipoli rosemary with a friend. Sorry I don’t have more. These are taken from plants growing at Anzac Cove, just a common rosemary really. The only special thing about them is the origin.


    Got your PM, thanks Greth. I’m looking forward to it.

    I can bring oregano / thyme cuttings if anyone wants some?


    I have oregano and thyme, the plain oregano not much to share in the way of cuttings, for the golden one you can bring a bucket, it has gone berserk. I divided it in two and then it went double berserk. Hmm, maybe bring two buckets.

    Common thyme cuttings are not a prob, also have westmoreland (turkey) thyme and Bush BBQ thyme (T. mastichina) No others. I used to have fair collection predrought, sigh, haven’t had the heart to build them up again yet.

    Oh, I will have “Plant Sale” signs at either end of our road and outside our gate, will tack on an ALS sign just so you can be sure you are on the right track!


    Dont think the 16 yr old is coming now, his grandparents appear to have adopted him for the long weekend.

    Also not sure if I’m going to make it! We are going to attempt to start putting up my studio.

    Attempt, because neither of us have done this before AND there’s only two of us who can lift the heavy stuff AND we’ve never made concrete for the posts before either. I do hope we don’t stuff it up.

    So I may need to be home on Monday to help DH with it.

    Eeeek I think I’d rather go out!

    Got the directions fine though, thanks Greth!


    hehe, Ali, you can come help with our shed and we can teach ya to make concrete for posts! Maybe lend you the mixer too, if you got a trailer.


    Hi Greth, I got the directions too, but unfortunately won’t be able to make it. Some interstate friends have made a surprise visit, and DH organised for us catch up with them without checking with me first! Sorry, hopefully I’ll be able to make it for the next one!


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