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    I would be happy to host a GTG in April if there are Adelaide people wanting to visit. Some of you have been here already, you know I have heaps of plants and ideas to share and would love to host you to bits. We live on solar and wind power and can also advise you about living with those, if you like.

    PM me if interested and I will set a date.


    I’m interested! I’ve PM’d you 🙂


    I’ll put a tentative hand up, depending on the date. 🙂


    It is a chance to meet at Kanmantoo and share plants, ideas, etc.

    Does Easter Monday suit? Will do an egghunt for kinder if you want to bring them.


    That would work for us! Me plus DD6 and DS4.


    We will call it a goer then for April 25, with an egghunt. Get them quick before the millipedes have a chance. We have trampoline and extended playground, my kids are 3, 6 and 16. 16 year old is extremely good at guiding younger ones to where the eggs might be, cos he puts them out, eating only a small wagonload along the way. Tell me any food allergies before I plan afternoon tea, please! I’m thinking homemade sausage rolls and oatmeal bikkies.

    Bring what you want to share or to show, very interested in just about any ALS topic.

    It is also Anzac Day, I will be thinking of our brave ancestors. maybe a moment or two to reflect.


    I’d love to come and meet you all on Monday if I’m free. At this stage I should be. I love meeting new people with a common interest 🙂


    No allergies here. What time do you want us? We can bring a plate to share too.


    Hopefully I can make it too – just me and no allergies! Will PM you when I’ve confirmed the date’s ok.

    Thanks for the invite 🙂


    let us say anytime from about 1pm till fourish, and will set the time of the egghunt to 2 pm. At 3 we sit down for afternoon tea, roughly, but a hot cuppa will be available anytime from 1.


    Perfect! I’m really looking forward to it. Can you please send me the directions to your place again – I can’t find them from last time.


    Will do, I need to revise my visitor’s directions as it is now easier, we have street numbers and a council sign to show where we are.

    The new rural house numbering is actually amazingly useful, houses are numbered by their distance in kilometres or tenths thereof, from the intersection where the council deems the road begins. So we are 436, 4.3 kilometres down the road from the Princes Highway, and on the right as you travel that way (odds left, evens right)

    Whichever public servant came up with this brilliant scheme, which even allows sensible numbering for new subdivisions, should be showered with praise, but has probably been sacked and the boss took the credit.

    If any of you would like to bring up something to show of your own hobbies, I am sure we would all be interested to see what you do and how you do it. If you make soap or candles or jam or anything else, bring some along, we might like to buy it from you!

    In the fullness of time I would like to set up a garden/sustainable living club, with a monthly meeting and trading table..

    First we need to finish my shed so I have undercover area with wood stove and comfy chairs and warm soup bubbling away in winter!


    We would love to come! We are about to put solar power on & have been contemplating wind power too, so would LOVE to see your set up. We are 2 adults & our 2 children, 3 & 5 yo girls.

    Thanks for offering & organising this.

    Will pm you.


    My 3 and 6 yo girls will be thrilled to have company! May be the time to make Easter bonnets or baskets. You can safely promise them there will be chocolates hiding all thru my garden for them to find.

    DH will tell you all about how he makes wind gennies from bits and pieces. We have lived on solar for 7 years, some upsides, some downsides, on the whole it works pretty well for us. Love to see you there. Will get around closer to the date and post everyone our address.

    It is our pleasure to have you folks around, we love what we do, and love to share our learnings with others. Love to hear and learn from what you are doing too, we don’t know everything yet, does anyone ever?


    oh so glad i logged in, that’s one catch-up that I may even be able to make! *bounce*

    I’m not working this easter long weekend for the first time in… um… 4 years? So all I really have to do in convince DH!

    He might take some convincing – but then, I don’t suppose he really needs to come along, does he?

    So it will either be myself and 2 small boys 6 and 8, myself and 3 boys (third one being 16 and … erm… somewhat contrary, be warned) or all 5 of us.

    There are food allergies BUT we generally bring our own with no issues, because trying to cater for us is all but impossible – and they are NOT the sort of allergy where if we smell it we keel over, just the sort where we don’t eat it (it being wheat, gluten, dairy or any combination or derivative thereof for 2 of us)

    I would love to finally catch up with some people from here again, the last time was when herbman came a visiting to kaff’s place! LONG time ago!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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