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    Must have missed this thread – sorry :geek:

    Marz – that you are unable to change your location/add a sig smells a bit like your antivirus program (esp Norton, but not only that one) is preventing you from making changes.

    Try disabling it (whilst you make changes) and see what happens.

    If you are still unable to do anything, PM me and we can sort it out together :tup:

    recyclingdiva – bear in mind that an avatar is a very small piccy and very big piccies tend to lose a lot of detail, as you can see by my own avatar – I am really a zitty teenager barely old enough to shave but it is hard to tell from such a small piccy 😀

    Anyhoo, sue e and anybody else, if you are still unable to do the deed, the PM offer stands :wave:

    avataringly yours

    Doc 😉


    Woohoo it worked 😆


    Hey Doc,

    I hopped on Dad’s computer and bang – avatar worked. I have been labouring away trying to get it to work on mine – nada. Anyhoo, thanks for the instrux!


    How do I add and Avatar on the new system????


    Go to Settings (green menu bar just under the main title) click “your profile”

    In there, just under the “My status” window there are a range of options, one of them is “change profile picture”


    Thanks – was using the profile and edit profile in the grey tabs…. very confusing 🙂


    Hadn’t even noticed that one :blink: There’s a definite need for a bit better integration amongst the different plugin modules…

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)
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