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    I am considering using the ACC distance ed program for my eldest who we have recently found out has literacy levels several years above his age and his school is struggling to provide extension work.

    My questions are:

    1. Has anyone on ALS used ACC for distance ed and if so how do you find the cemonline program they use? Is the school work continuously placed online by the teachers or do you have to wait for them?

    2. Has anyone used ACC for extension work for their child?

    Thanks everyone.


    I home schooled my kids through their high school years but using the NSW system.

    I am not sure what ACC is but the system I used was terrific. I’d be happy to tell you more about my experience if it helps.




    Hi chook, ACC is the Australian Christian College at Marsden Park. At the moment they are the main provider for distance ed in NSW. I could go through the NSW Ed Dept to get registration but to start out with I’d prefer to use these guys. I’m finding the whole thing quite daunting but his current school isn’t providing adequate extension work and our only other option is to put him into after school tutoring which on top of paying for private school fees is a little :blink: . We tried to get him in to a local school which is out of zone but they full and we’d need to wait for a couple of years to get him into their extension classes in yrs 5-6. We are a little away from high school in year 3 but any help would be appreciated.


    I used ACC for the whole of 2009 and it was very good. I have both sets of twins home schooling now as I cant afford ACC’c fees any longer. They have 3 mandatory residentials throughout the year. When first enrolling they give the kids a diagnostic test so they can determine their levels in all subjects so that the kids start where their learning level is at. My four are a year apart in age but where studying different subjects at different levels. They all started catching up to each other over the year. There is a private distance ed school in Maryborough QLD (and two other places) that requires out of state students to be registered for home schooling before enrolling with them and they do not have mandatory residentials and are a bit cheaper overall. I think their name is Riverside but a google will give you them all.

    Hope that helps 🙂



    The Queensland one is called ACC – Moreton Distance Education

    It is SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than the NSW Marsden Park, and also allows the student to gain a Year 10 and Year 12 certificate (which Marsden Park doesn’t allow).

    I am currently considering it for my child’s highschool years.




    I thought I’d bring this topic back up. We have been through a bit with the kids schooling over the last year and now will be both going through ACC next year.

    Is anyone else using the distance ed program?


    My friend’s younger sister enrolled in some classes at Open Access College in Adelaide because she was advanced and also being bullied at school. She loved it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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