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    Tassie set off on a tour of the mainland and was blogging at intervals on his journey. His last Blog entry was four months ago and he has not responded to messages on his blog. Does anyone have any idea where he is? Would hate to think he had fallen off the edge of the world and no-one had reported his absence… :shrug:


    I’ve been wondering the same thing, hope he is OK and the only reason we haven’t had an update on his blog is because he is having the grand time.


    Me too – things were not going to plan last I heard though – having difficulties finding casual work. All very odd…………..

    Lady Bee

    I have exchanged emails with Tassie Tiger. He is going to try to get on line and update everyone.




    Tassie Tiger

    Hello people :wave:

    Didn’t realise you all cared so much :blush:

    I have posted an update under “Finally Hitting the Road” Must get to my blog and update it. Have been over taken by health issues.



    Phew Tassie Tiger! Glad to hear you’re safe 🙂 What a shame you haven’t been well though. I hope things are starting to take a turn for the better for you. I’ll pop over to your thread for a look at your update…..


    Good you are still around – bad you have had health problems. Was getting worried those mainlanders might have proven too much for a poor Tasmanian lad, lol

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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