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ABC Gardeners Market Sat April 12

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    mudhen post=360937 wrote: We need an avatar that shows a big sigh of relief!! The market is over and done for another 6 months and what a blast it was! Tons of people today, better crowds than last time I’m sure. The honey guys next to us sold out by 11am, mostly due to panic buying as people recalled news reports about a honey shortage – not experienced by these fellows, but they were happy for the business! Bel and I did a brisk trade, met lots of people and greeted some return customers which is always lovely. The star of my show? Had to be the Jerusalem Artichokes, selling for $3 for a 350g bag – I dug up a bucket full last night, not really expecting to sell any but willing to take the chance. Sold all but one bag! Made up some herb salt and sold a few jars as well as 4 jars of dried mushroom powder. All in all a good day and so pleased to have a lasagne in the freezer for tea tonight!!

    Mummyjas, was lovely to see you and your little cuties too! Thanks for stopping by!

    We did have such a lovely (albeit busy!) day. Thanks so much for inviting me to share the stall with you mudhen, and for being such great company – I had a blast! It was very worthwhile spending my spare time making jams and preserves for the market and will spur me on to make more for the spring market. Note to self – must make more fig and apricot jam for next time!! I am very lucky that DH is cooking dinner tonight. I’m bushed! Thanks for popping in to say hi too mummyjas – lovely to see you and the littles.


    sounds like you girls had a good time.

    I didnt get out of bed till 11 LOL so there was no way I was going to get my butt down there in time


    mummyjas post=360973 wrote: Glad you both had a good day, it certainly was busy. I really enjoyed it and it was lovely seeing both of you again.

    I bought 2 hydrangeas and of course a sausage for the little man 🙂 was a bit hard to get a good look at everything with the kiddies (little miss loves pulling leaves off plants at the moment) so will definitely try to get a babysitter so I can go solo to the next one.

    I had my market today, was quite a quiet day but still sold a bit. Funnily, I had a spur of the moment thought to pot up some plants that I had thinned and they were probably my best sellers!

    Glad to hear your day was a success mummyjas. I didn’t get chance for much of a look around at the ABC market either as we were so busy, but that may have been a blessing in disguise so I didn’t spend too much!!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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