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A young trio of black Orpingtons for sale

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    Two big Roosters won’t do, so son has to move on, with him his 2 sisters unless you don’t need them. $90.00 for the trio or $30 for just the Big Boy. I haven’t noticed him crowing yet, but it is a loud crow be warned.

    That’s them when they were little.

    Pick up from Penrith Sydney

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    oh orpingtons are lovely 🙂 if my hubby would let me i would snaffle them up in an instant ( and i’m just at mt druitt). I trained my last roosters i had, to roost in a cat carrier in the shed at nights, = no noise from crowing until i let them out in the mornings 🙂


    What a great idea


    it worked really well , they used to wait at the gate in the late afternoon to be put to bed and knew which cage was thiers ( i had 2 roosters)and would walk in turn around sit down n wait for me to give them a small amount of grain and a dripper bottle for water. 🙂 very cute.


    Hi Chester

    Long time no see! We could be slightly (read that as very) interested in your Orpingtons. I noticed you’re on holiday up north again so I’ll send you a pm to wait for you until your return. We were only talking this morning about how we hadn’t seen you! Maryanne, Gilligan, Meredith and Fran are still doing great and are now parents many times over. We thank you for them every day.

    Take care and hopefully we’ll chat soon. Love to G.




    Hi TP

    Great to hear from you, will pop in this coming weekend for coffee Sonday 11ish. on the way back. see ya



    Hi TP I sent you a PM , we won’t make this weekend but coming up the next See ya then


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