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    I could do it, but my husband couldn’t.


    I think it would be the same in our house Jodie. Although we don’t have great 2nd hand shops either, so some kids clothing (eg school uniforms) would be hard to find.


    Bike parts are the only problem for me but I have three of them so I could just share the load between each. Otherwise no problems.


    I’ve been doing this for over two years. It feels really good not knowing what’s in the shop anymore. :tup:


    Like Forest, this isn’t too far removed from what is our normal way of life. Essentials – yes…..everything else is either unnecessary or you can do for yourself and recycle or reuse. Suppose it is a step forward for these people though…should be more of it!


    What a great idea for a TV reality show. Throw in a range of properties from a few acres to surbuban blocks, make them all water friendly (tanks,recycling sytems etc) and self sufficient in power as much as feasible, to show it can be done, keep them out of the consumer merry go round and showcase to the world you can live a prosperous and sustainable lifestyle. Doubt we get a corporate sponsor though:|


    lol yes it sounds like the way i live too .. maybe i could swap with them for a year and become a super consumer !!

    i have never understood the need to keep up with the latest trends let alone the neighbours or the bigger or better or replace because a new one came out

    it is great to see people thinking and doing for themselves and not blindly believing what the tv and advertising tells them they need

    i wonder how many younger people know that light globes can be made to last for years and years and years .. but they are not available because then you would only buy one set

    do you remember when planned obsolescence became the norm and new innovations got squashed because industry would suffer ..

    oh but i waffle lol

    perterh lol i may even watch that one!!

    but corporate sponsors would squash it!!


    Apart from the kids (teenagers and up), we sort of already live this to a degree. In fact my husband would relish the whole idea.

    If I were to do it as a personal challenge, I’d need to upgrade some clothes and buy another pair of shoes to last the year out… But, yes, I’d live quite happily without buying another book or CD or anything frivolous, however upon reflection I purchase very little of them to start with.



    Awesome. Will be honest and admit that I don’t know whether we could do it. I know DW couldn’t – she grew up really poor and promised herself that she would never again buy clothes that were 2nd hand or scrounge around second-hand shops. Having said that, she might spend $100 a year on all her clothes including socks and underwear – that is one or two shorts, shirts and sets of socks / undies a year. So it’s not like she’s a consumer either. She also quit smoking 2 years ago and has since enjoyed buying DVD movies with some of the money she would otherwise have spent on cigarettes.

    I don’t think I could go a year without buying aromatherapy oils, the occassional gift for DW (books or DVDs), or my $150 quota of clothes (I have to buy clothes for work but DW gets hers for free from her work).

    But I would love to give it a try. Reckon it’d be possible. Personally I’m slowly reducing my spending. I use the “Hmmm, this item or a water tank” test. Perhaps one day my partner and I will reach no shopping stage – but it will be a little while.


    The article said that alot of people are following their example – what a great message they are putting out there!

    Could I do it ? The only thing I really spend money on that I suppose I needn’t is books. I buy lots and lots of books. Second hand or from the library is just not the same.


    we actually knew about this group early on and attempted to replicate what they were doing here. It started out as the Sublife Push (sublife being the first name of this site) and then evolved into CASH – changing all spending habits.

    Her are the threads. Maybe it’s time to resurrect it:




    i could do it as I almost do anyway


    Herbman why dont you try to make your own oils 😀


    This is something I’d like to really get into this year too. I think it’s the natural extension of the other activites I have been undertaking the last few months. I have been buying the kids’ clothes second hand for some time, mainly because I can get good quality brands with little wear that are cheap and will stand up to three kids’ punishment, unlike many new clothes from chain stores. I also buy heaps of other things including most of my books on eBay, but I’d like to take it further than that.


    I use the “Hmmm, this item or a water tank” test.

    Love it, I’ll be using that this year too I think 😆

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