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    Eighteen months ago my hubby and I bit the bullet threw in our jobs and moved to 50 acres at Baffle creek .We havent progressed as far as I would like and I guess I am the impatient one .Hubby wont do anything without much thought and preparation.I thought i would go through my photos just to remind me we have done a lot with our time here.This was our house when we first arrived


    this is it now


    These are some of the gardens sheds and my 2 worm farms under cover


    my first 2 raised beds .This block is one big rock heap so we have had to build up .I have 4 more planned but these are the first 2 covered because summer here has been pretty brutal .the first 9 mths here we had no rain and actually had to buy water necessitating a steep learning curve with gardening


    and some more


    We are in the middle of fencing a couple of acres around the house so the dogs can be left a bit more unsupervised the little bloke who is recovering from a brown snake bite a couple of weeks ago loves to chase the wildlife and the postie. Dh has just gone off for 10 weeks work so the fence will have to wait for spring .The rocks once again made life difficult digging the holes

    Judi BJudi B

    Looking great Kathy :tup: and it will all fall into place.

    I’ve been here a lot longer and I still haven’t got a decent clothesline:lol:

    I have just about everything I need to do the gardens but DH can’t get done the things he needs to do.


    Hey Kathy

    In eighteen months you’ve moved mountains – or mountains of rocks LOL.

    Looking fantastic!! I like your idea for your shadecloth supports (the pots)

    Hope the little fella recovers well.:tup:


    awesome stuff :clap:


    Looking really good, its taken me two years to build up steam to start organising my own yard and it is finally producing now.


    Always good to go back to the photos for clarification of just how much you have done. Your place is looking good. Great idea witht he shade cover. Beats trying to dig pesky holes in rocks.

    Shangri LaShangri La

    I can appreciate all that work kathy – it looks fantastic. I sometimes think I’d love to do what you are doing, once kids have left home but I don’t know that DH would be in it. The shadecloth makes a huge difference doesn’t it – I never did get mine terribly well set up though – your set up looks great.


    Wow, fantastic – looks great!


    It’s looking good Kathy. Those veg look so healthy and lush. :tup::tup:



    Hi Kathy. Its always good to go back over old photos to appreciate just how much work you have done. Your place looks great, was wondering what it was like when you live so far from the nearest town. (I was having visions of miles and miles of nothingness) Thanks heaps for posting pics, keep it up, your garden is thriving, well done. :tup::clap:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 97 total)
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