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    Hi all,

    I have been approached by my local gardening club and asked if I could have a stall at their festival selling veggie seedlings.

    I have approx 8 weeks until the festival is taking place. I would love to say yes but I’m not sure I can come up with the goods in such a short time!

    I already have some seedlings on the go eg: beetroot, lettuce, bush beans,spring onions, capsicum, silverbeet and few herbs.

    Would love to do it but not sure how to. What should I sell, how much do I charge, what do I put them in ?????? I have them growing in the veggie beds in my shade tunnel and and punnets don’t come cheap!

    Dilemma, dilemma …… help any one!


    For seedlings I use half a toilet roll. It can be planted directly in the ground. With such short notice

    Get friends and family to keep them for you.


    I have done this too!

    I would need to have punnets I think to transport them to the festival. Not sure I have enough time to grow the amount I will need for a stall though.


    newspaper pots in cardboard boxes (for transport)

    8 weeks gives you plenty of time

    do the slower growing brassicas & beets first

    beans can wait a couple of weeks (4 weeks = 4 inches)

    lettuce too can wait


    Anyone got any tips for making newspaper pots?

    The ones I have made in the past were not fantastic, kept tipping over! Maybe a square type of pot might be more sturdy?


    I use 2 ply, 1/2 sheet tabloid wrapped around 440g baked beans

    7/8 fill with mix sow seed(s)

    place into box/tray (pack them in tight)

    water carefully



    Just found this link on making square newspaper seedlings pots

    I will give it go this week.


    Hi Selinaneil,

    have a look here:

    scroll down the the jiffy coco pellets

    You can buy something similar in most hardware stores but as with most things, the more you purchase the lower the price of the individual product



    We sold veggies and seedlings at a stall one year. We used mostly loo rolls and put some scrunched up newspaper in the bottom to stop everything falling out. Ours (the tomatoes in particular) started to grow out of the loo rolls where they got a bit moist and they were a bit intertwined, so be careful of that. We saved up meat trays, margarine containers, ice cream containers etc for transport – mostly for the customers to put the loo rolls in when they bought the seedlings. Otherwise they were just stacked in syrofoam boxes. Give it a go – it’s a lot of fun!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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