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717 guests !!!!

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    It’s gone 11.00pm on Tuesday evening and there are apparently 717 guests looking at the ALS site right now!Whoever are all these people and wherever are they? Does the system/server whatever give any general details about them? Looks like SEO is working.


    Maybe we have some guests visisting from the Oprah gala!!:)

    Whats SEO ?

    I would probably guess that these guests are just ALSers who are browsing without signing in.


    I noticed a similar number a few nights ago. Would be interesting to see some webserver stats as to unique IP address hits to see if it correlates.


    Yes, some would be unsigned in ALSers I guess.Didn’t think of that.Still a big number. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.It’s a techie way of getting Google to sit up and take notice of a site’s existence.


    I have been noticing a huge number of guests each time I log in… it might be ALS members but I can’t open any page as a guest! I always have to log in

    Site visitor numbers on websites usually have a refresh rate, where the visitors are recalculated every 3 minutes or whatever the setting says. If the refresh rate is set for longer then you might be seeing the visitors for a longer period of time and they may not still be on the site.

    There are other things that make this happen, like people with lots of pages open can sometimes be counted for every page. So if you have 10 pages open then you are counted as 10 people online.


    are these mysterious people responsible for the length of time this site sometimes takes to respond to my requests to navigate to a new page ? (no it’s not my computers speed.)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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