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$300 too much for a Goat?

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    Hi all,

    Just looking for some advice, I am thinking of buying a Goat from a goat Dairy nearby…….. She is a Saneen goat, very nice nature (The owners let me handle her) about 5 years old, I tasted her milk which was very pleasant and mild, she only has one teat (the other doesn’t work due to mastitis a while ago) She give about 1.5L of milk a day. I really like her as she was pretty, the milk was nice and she was very easy to handle…but unsure on the price??

    Hopefully you guys can let me know if this is a bit high?



    Holy moly $300 for a goat:jawdrop: She would be considered a cull if she is only running on one cylinder so i would think that price is too high, negotiate the price a bit me thinks;)


    G’day :wave:

    I don’t know enough about goats to know if you should steer clear of a one teated one :shrug: but otherwise $300 is cheap :tup:

    Did they suggest it best for you to get two? You should.


    Here are some goats for sale on Farmstock. See if that helps you with prices. 🙂


    I guess I should have said …cheap for a well handled, well behaved, quiet, productive, purebred doe.

    We paid $500 for our buck kid…plus postage and handling and a 7 hour drive to the post office 😆


    $300 is cheap for a well handled producing registered dairy goat but the one teat thing is a worry. Here $300 may buy a doe kid up to 6 months old if you are lucky !

    I was told that as a guide to a fair price for a doe in milk was the cost of 3 months milk. so if milk is worth $3 a litre ( it is here ) that makes it very reasonable ………

    but there are lots of questions Can she still breed? How long since she kidded ? Does she milk through ? ( ie will she milk for over 12 months or need to kid each year )

    depending on the answers to questions above ultimately it is up to you – a well handled easy to get on with goat is a joy especially if you are a novice – a cheaper goat with 2 teats may not produce any more milk that a good doe with 1 teat – or might play up so much you cant milk her !

    also if she comes from a dairy she will need company !



    Thanks so much for your tips and advice :clap: I will definately have some more quesetions for the owners now. The couple at the dairy have been really nice and helpfull, they let us try the milk, they let me handle her, and have a go at milking her, I have put down a $50 deposit, and over the next few weeks I will go in a few times a week to milk her. I can’t ask for more than that off the sellers !!

    I might get the one teat (name is Florence haha) and another girl with two teats ( i think the others were about $450-$500) as company. Phew thats some expensive milk!!

    I must say though, I have tried goats milk, yoghurt and cheese previously when husband and I were at a hobby farm expo and it was revolting, tasted like a big nasty billy goat smells, that put us off. But the milk from these goats has a really mild creamy flavour, I probably wouldn’t know the difference from cows milk if I wasn’t aware it was goats milk

    Thanks again!! Will keep you posted and put a pic up of the one tit, one horn goat called Florence, she’s a funny looking thing 😆


    hi there I had to have a giiggle at the one tit one horn – as I have one just the same!!

    “One horn” we have called her.

    she gives 1L once a day with a kid on and raises a good kid every year.

    If yours has twins MAKE sure they are both drinking -or poddy one as only one tit so one will get a feed and one won’t.

    she will bag up on the other side when she gives birth and prably be a bit uncomfotable for a fewdays in the blind side but it will dry up in about a week.

    I would say $300 is expencive… they will only get $30 at the works for a cull goat.

    look on the sale adds on web sites and in the newspaper I have bought over 20 in the past and never paid more than $50 for ex milking goats.

    Thats with transport to CHARLEVILLE!!

    remember a GOOD milking goat CAN produce up to 6L of milk!!

    Maybe I should start breeding a few more and send them them to Brissy?? I sell mine for $30 to a farmer to breed bour goats from when I get too many……


    I must say though, I have tried goats milk, yoghurt and cheese previously when husband and I were at a hobby farm expo and it was revolting, tasted like a big nasty billy goat smells, that put us off.

    I know exactly what you mean. The first time I ever opened a carton of goat milk, I was knocked over by the smell and couldn’t venture any further, the second time, the smell was fine but it tasted like goat poo. :rip:

    Bubba Louie

    I’ve had nice fresh goats milk straight from well cared for Saanens and I still hate it.


    My husband refused to have goats milk because the teats were too close to the ground!!!!

    Cows lay on the ground so you would think the same would apply to them? NO not so!

    Young friend said of course I would know the difference between goat and cows milk.

    I used identical glasses to serve it in. After tasting both he said goats milk was the cows!!! So much for him knowing eh?

    Then my Son said but of course I would know , with the same result.

    These boys were farm kids brought up on cows milk.

    I might add Hubby really didn’t know just how much Goats milk he actually did consume!!!

    I am not devious MUCH


    Oh my god!!! I have tried goats milk with the intension of moving from cows milk to goats milk.

    The first taste was great …so sweet and yummy but then …. WHUMP!!…. in the back of my throat there was this most hideous, most disgusting, hairy, goaty, sweaty, revolting flavour that stayed with me all day. Every time I burped there wa sthe strong goaty flavour. I was so sad and disapointed that the taste was so strong.

    Even now I have these …what do you call it?…. psycological and physiological responses when I think about the taste. I almost want to die!! :rip:

    I feel so ripped off that I dont like the taste as we have a feind who has goats and was going to sell us some milk. 🙁


    Hubby very carefully shut up a small paddock, with good feed, for the milking cow. She duly calved and was put in there, on the lush feed which included paspalum.

    We couldn’t stand the smell of the milk, the milk itslf was fine but smelt a though it was sour as it came from the cow!!!!

    He didn’t do that again. Some times we learn from mistakes.


    $300 seems a bit high if its firing on only one cylinder with the risk of future mastitis. You should always have two or more for company etc. They are intelligent creatures which need a lot of attention so be ready. Good luck, Cheers GR.


    hobbyfarm08 wrote:

    I might get the one teat (name is Florence haha) and another girl with two teats ( i think the others were about $450-$500) as company. Phew thats some expensive milk!!

    If you can get a 2 teated one for 450 – $500 that sounds better value 😀

    depending on how much milk you need you culd just buy a cheap pet whether as a companion or a cheaper doe kid.

    The one horn could also prove a problem – is it sharp at the end ? if so she could injure another goat – that is why dairy goats are disbudded to stop injuries because all goats will fight sometimes as play and sometimes seriously to establish pecking order.

    I disagree about it being expensive milk :shrug: $500 will only buy 166 litres of goat milk – so if she gives 3 litres a days he will pay for herself in just 55 days if you dont count feed.

    Even if you do count feed goats dont cost much to feed eg before I got goats I used to have half a container (250 Ml ) of Paris Creek organic yogurt for lunch each day. That cost me $2.25 a day or $67.50 a month.

    Now we make goats milk yogurt plus kefir, cheese and drink the milk and the milkers would still do not cost as much as that per month – and no doubt the yogurt has gone up since then !

    Also the only time I have noticed a goaty taste is in old milk.

    and I I have cows milk I now notice a cowy after taste :tdown:


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