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2012….End of the world?

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    I dont hold to all the doom and gloom. If i did i wouldnt get outta bed in the morning.

    But if you want to make up your own minds heres a few links .

    have fun reading 🙂

    There has been so many people claiming the end of the world, I figure if its destined to happen then nothing we do will stop it, but it would be nice to think that humanity could change for the better and start to look after the planet and each other properly.

    Cheers Kate


    According to Wikipedia:

    The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar forms the basis for a New Age belief, first forecast by José Argüelles, that a cataclysm will take place on or about December 21, 2012, a forecast that mainstream Mayanist scholars consider a misinterpretation, yet is commonly referenced in pop-culture media as the 2012 problem. [12][13]

    “For the ancient Maya, it was a huge celebration to make it to the end of a whole cycle,” says Sandra Noble, executive director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc. in Crystal River, Florida. To render December 21, 2012, as a doomsday or moment of cosmic shifting, she says, is “a complete fabrication and a chance for a lot of people to cash in.”

    This morning, quite coincidentally, I googled ‘Nostradamus’ and “Mother Shipton’, just out of interest. Nostradamus’s prophecies seem to have been unoriginal recastings of events that had already occurred and been written about by other people, and Mother Shipton’s prophecies weren’t written down until 80 years after her death and probably weren’t what she actually said anyway, especially the bit purporting to refer to events still in our future. I’d like to believe, but … :shrug:

    We have to behave as though the world is going to carry on and we have some control over what happend to it and us. The movie “Children of Men” really laid out what humanity could become if we lose hope in there being a future. Let’s just accept that the world’s gone to pot and we need to be part of creating change 😆

    (Edited to put the quotes in the right place)


    Humanity has always had periods of expecting the end of the world – it seems to be built into human nature. At the turn of the millenium 1000 there was widespread belief of the ‘second coming’ of Christ, and at the turn of the millenium 2000 there was widespread belief in the end of technology. Taken seriously they can lead to weird cults like the one in Russia (?) where people holed up in caves and died from starvation, taken moderately they can be a useful wakeup call to re-evaluate your lives and way of doing things. I think I would prefer to opt for the second approach as to go the other way would be far too stressful. If it happens, it happens. But it is often at times when weather patterns are out of synch, or a lot of earthquakes happen in series, or whatever, that these ideas gain ascendancy. If you study history, a pattern emerges that is quite clear. It is a coping mechanism for humanity….


    I think the guys who done the Mayan calender had to decide to stop at some point and said “this will do till 2012, someone else can figure out the dates after that”

    Think of the computor pioneers who thought that fifty or so years someone will have a system in place for the turn of century event


    I must preface this post with the fact that I’ve just come from an AMAZING two days spent with a group of people from South East Queensland and Northern NSW who are involved in Transition Towns.

    My understanding of the Mayan calendar is that it is an ‘end’ much like the ‘death’ card of the tarot – it isn’t literal. It may mean the ‘death’ of a lot of things we hold as true and real, that are in reality facades and veneers.

    It is so interesting to observe and be part of these times. Things are definately changing – the energy, ideas, movitiation and energy that came from our group over the weekend was amazing.

    This is a lot of social change going on at the moment – you may not see it, but it is there…




    remember the terrible predictions about the yr 2000……………and we are still here with nary a hiccup at the time!:shrug:

    Live life:tup::tup:;);)


    yep along with the fear hype associated with climate change, i guess this will stir people up as is shown by some retailers cashing in, i recall something way back in oh i dunno maybe the 60’s or 70’s when a nuclear cotastrophy was going to wipe out the citizens of the world so one slightly paranoid country had all these people building underground fall out shelters stocked with food and water. yep fear hype guarantees people will dig deep and pay plenty willingly.

    the end is most likley going to be a change in how we live which will be good for some and not so good for others, but then is that going to be the real end?? who knows? what we should be doing is setting our houses in order, and not being influenced by hype.



    Gardenlen, Yea if people lived as the world was going to end tomorrow. But also planed as if it was going to continue for another thousand years we would be better off. Anyone can get caught by unforseen events but if we are prepared we can cope much better. :tup:



    We are due for a magnetic reversal which are almost always associated with massive climate change. This could happen tomorrow or in 200 years, but from a geologist’s point of view, 200 years means its imminent.

    Personally I really don’t like these sorts of threads because they worry people to the point where they are not leading constructive lives and it hampers living life. Its best to just view this thread as a philosophical exercise (rather like musing over the chicken and egg theory) and then get on with what you have planned for the day.

    For what its worth, humans can’t destory this planet. They can only make it inhospitable for themselves and for the majority of current lifeforms that we depend on for subsistence. A thousand nuclear bombs will not obliterate everything; rather they would cause mass mutations and a whole host of new creatures that evolve over the next 10,000 year or so.

    Remember that a lot of creatures do very well without light, or live in very low pH environments (such as those living around black smokers on the seafloor). The resislience of life I find really amazing (not to mention humbling).


    smurfy wrote:

    Hey Bobbee… I agree with many of your thoughts regarding global and planetary changes.

    This is an emotive subject, and I hope no-one feels confronted or offended by the subject or my thoughts. I just enjoy hearing others opinions on things that I am thinking about.:D

    Thanks for this discussion Smurfy, and I appreciate and agree with your contribution Bobbee. The end of the world as we know it must surely come sooner rather than later. Not with a bang perhaps but with more than a whimper. I hope that “the end” brings a change in human behaviour towards each other, towards our selves as individuals (ie stop the insanity of the western world’s way of life, be kind to your self), and of course towards the actual planet as a living entity itself.

    It is absurd to believe that we can continue to ravage the planet and expect it to be ok. It is blind, thoughtless activity at best. I think most people choose not to think about the damage being done to the planet. There is a strong “I’m ok” attitude that will take something huge to rattle. Sadly it appears that most of the power exists in the western world, and most people in the west are happy to continue life as is. I am grateful for this webiste and other information which helps us all to lok at our lives and quetion what we are doing and how we are living. Even if we all make subtle changes as a collective the effect can be powerful.

    So “End of the World?” Well, I dont know that it is about to explode or anything but I hope that the end is a change in sentiment and action, action which will help to preserve what we have left. Coupled with personal growth. Now that would be something!


    Sprite wrote:

    … a lot of creatures do very well without light, or live in very low pH environments (such as those living around black smokers on the seafloor)……

    Gee I knew smokers werent welcome anymore but to send them this far for a smoke seems a bit much!!!:lol:


    mt ben wrote:

    It can’t end…….I just built a new pergola and I want to enjoy it for a few years! 😀

    Well you better enjoy it fast because I read in one of the comic books that some mutant gang are going to take over the earth in the next few years.:tup:



    Sprite, I think the magnetic reversal is here because nearly everyone has gone mad from EMF.:tup: (A thousand nuclear bombs) Well a few thousand years back they nearly did that but the world survived and the people also. So we are only coming around again to where we were then. Mankind is no smarter now so it may happen again but this time we may be ably to watch it. :@



    remember the terrible predictions about the yr 2000……………and we are still here with nary a hiccup at the time! [shrug]

    There were plenty of Hiccups Narelleh, most of them occurring in the couple of years leading up to 2000. Millions of dollars and millions of manhours were spent in making sure that the world wouldn’t get hiccups ‘en masse’.

    This is the thing that makes me a little more optimistic re any manmade climate change. When the chips were down, people cooperated and actually did something about it.

    Hopefully, if there actually is a solution, mankind will find it and start to pull together once again – suspect we aren’t quite at that point yet though.


    I’ve already witnessed the end of the world – my 21-month old son had to go to bed in the middle of Dora the Explorer!

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