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2012….End of the world?

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    Hope this is the right place to post this…didn’t seem to fit in antwhere else.

    There have been several stories in the news recently about the predicted end of the owrld in 2012. This is based on the Mayan long calender, Nostradamus and some religious writings.

    Apparently it is big business too… a US web company called ‘Survive 2012′(I think) is selling everything from gas masks to water purification tablets. Apparently the recent economic crisis and weather changes have also promted an increase in ‘survivalist’ ideals!

    I have always found these theories fascinating, especially the mayan calender, as it has been proven so accurate thus far!

    I’d be interested to hear others thoughts.


    Smurfy, if everyone started believing that the world would end in 2012, can you imagine how some people would behave?

    I believe the earth will be here for a long time to come.

    Peaky RamonePeaky Ramone

    Why would you need gas masks and water purification tablets if the world had ended :shrug:

    I do however believe life as we know it is about to change dramatically and we need to be prepared for that.


    Interesting thought to have an end to the world. Maybe its a play on words and the end really means end of the people. Christians talk about the end of the world but the earth is changed to like new again. The subject could bring on quite a discussion.



    Well, something has to end soon, we can’t go on living the way most people live for much longer.


    Judi BJudi B

    grumpy3 wrote:

    Interesting thought to have an end to the world. Maybe its a play on words and the end really means end of the people. Christians talk about the end of the world but the earth is changed to like new again. The subject could bring on quite a discussion.


    My thoughts are that the world would probably be better off without people, humans have raped the Earth long enough.

    Mother Earth can heal herself but humans keep wanting more from her.

    Humans are good at breeding, annoying and destroying.


    There’s heaps of info on the web and lots of books on the subject too smurfy. I am always interested in the many interpretations of what so many see as ‘the end of the world’.

    We only need look at such areas as peak oil, the economy and the destruction of the planet to see that there are surely going to be big changes in how we live and how we protect each other and the planet.

    Many predictions made so many years ago are surprisingly accurate and I have what might be seen as a macabre interest in such things.

    We need to remember, in my opinion, that the total destruction and the end of humanity and such that are often in the predictions can also be interpreted as ‘the ending of the known way of life’ or ‘life as we know it’ not the complete annihilation of humanity and the planet earth as seems to be often predicted.

    I believe we must remember here that we are reading other peoples interpretations of that which was written so long ago. (I keep saying so long ago because I can’t remember how long ago this stuff was written).

    Alsers and many others have been talking about changing our way of life for years and years, going back to a more simple and less destructive way of living. That is my interpretation of the ending of ‘life as we know it’.

    Such changes as are needed to save the planet and humanity, in my opinion, are the ones many people are working and fighting so hard to bring about.

    The severely destructive physical, planetary changes that are predicted I interpret as the ‘normal’, historically speaking, climate changes that have occurred since the beginning of time on this planet. And most certainly they too will bring about enormous changes to the physical structure of the earth.

    Again I do not believe that this means the end of humanity. I believe we will be forced into a new way of life and we will have to help and support each other in order to survive.

    I also believe that we are preparing for this by learning how to build community in the many ways that that is happening across the world at this time. ie such sites as ALS and the many others I see on the WWW, the WWW itself which has enabled people to communicate instantly with each other from all corners of the world, Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Towns, the teaching of Permaculture, the trend towards Organic gardening and farming. All these things and more show that the peoples of the world are preparing for major changes, in my opinion.

    The changes in the wide political structures of world countries also appears to be running to ‘schedule’ according to what I remember of the early Nostradamus predictions. I must admit that I know nothing of the Mayan long calender and it is many years since I have read anything on Nostradamus.

    My interest these days is mainly from a more spiritual side (not spiritualist) and there too the changes we are all experiencing have been written about more than 100 years ago. There may be older references to the same issues but I have not read them.

    As far as there being some sort of ‘big bang’ in 2012 well that I do not believe. Maybe I don’t believe that because I just don’t want too. :shrug:

    I feel that even those ‘big bang’ type events are already happening bit by bit and as they happen the countries involved and the countries who leap in with assistance cope to one degree or another. We have seen massive loss of life and destuction just in the last few years.

    We have also seen massive efforts by humans to help other humans. And this is where I place my trust. In humanities ability to love and render assistance, to learn and grow and to move on.

    This is a rather pitiful attempt to put my thoughts down on paper smurfy but it’s an awfully wide area to cover and I am not prepared to write a book. It’s also a tremendously emotive subject and as such will engender tremendously emotional responses I would expect.



    Yes, the idea of the ‘end of the world’ actually encompasses many different interpretations.

    Some believe it will be a polar/magnetic shift, masive tidal wave, comet or astrological distater, ecological disaster or human destruction such as bio or nuclear war.

    Others believe it will be a global or planetary shift, such as a new human consciuosness or social and political transition. Dennis has touched on this, as a Christian ideology.

    Of course…no one knows, so everyone has a theory!

    Maybe we are already experiencing ‘the end of the world’ in the respect that the whole planet is undergoing immence changes, economically, ecologically, and socially.:uhoh:

    I agree….something has got to give. Hopefully these problems will bring positive changes to how we live, so we tread lighter on this poor planet!


    Hey Bobbee…thanks for your thoughts. I had not read it before I made my last post….so I agree with many of your thoughts regarding global and planetary changes.

    This is an emotive subject, and I hope no-one feels confronted or offended by the subject or my thoughts. I just enjoy hearing others opinions on things that I am thinking about.:D


    I don’t think anyone need be offended because the subject is one of those that people can study and talk about around the camp fires of time. Nostradamus, Mayan calander or what ever are never 100% right because they are mans thoughts. But yea the subject opens up a great discussion into related areas as well.



    I’m wacky enough to think eventually there will be great change to our experience of time and space and we will be able to travel by thought, and manifest meals with the snap of our fingers !

    and sustainability will be a thing of the past … but until then 😉




    and manifest meals with the snap of our fingers !

    I wish! 😆

    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Gawd here we go again I remember back in the 70s this debate was going ,if anything the end of the world as we know it as things will get tougher:uhoh:


    When I saw Jonestown on the news I thought the world had gone mad!!! I was already hooked on thinking the world would end at any minute from a nuclear holocaust with Russia and this was just another precursor….I was a mad fiend of anything Nostradamus and eventually y2k….

    Nostradarmus had a series of astral flights and shouldn’t be made a prophet…. He is never uctually understood until after the event has occurred…

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