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    jilumasam wrote:

    oooh!!! I think I know who my swap buddy was…MandyBris was it you who sent my yummy parcel????

    Photo’s tomorrow after I recharge the camera…..

    Lizzy 😀

    Indeed it was 😉 Glad you like 😀

    Still no idea who my swapper is though :shy: Anyone want to fess up? 😆


    yeah I am wondering if my swap buddy got theirs as well… I posted it on the deadline day and haven’t heard nowt either….


    First of all, to my swap buddy sender, my biggest apologies for not acknowledging sooner. I received my beautiful placemats some time ago, but have had personal issues to deal with and so much has been neglected (including financial stuff too).

    But here goes. I received 4 beautiful placemats and a 5th mat out of offcuts, with a lovely embroidered flowering gum motif on a raw silk background. The colours are perfect for my cottagy decore, although I must say, the thought of allowing anyone to EAT over all that exquisite work, is for want of a better term, sacrilege. Perhaps I’ll use them for something a little less threatening. The 5th mat is perfect for under one of my oil burners, although they have a tendency to damage things also.

    Now I’ll have to read through the thread (from the start) and try and match some of the clues I’ve gathered and start guessing.

    Here are the pics…


    and another one…..

    So thank you, thank you, thank you my very talented swap buddy! :hug::hug::hug:


    Oh Wow that is beautiful!!!


    Lady B wrote:

    OK. Time to start chasing.

    Please PM me if you HAVEN’T received a swap yet,

    PM me if you haven’t SENT a swap yet

    NOT me for a change!!!! :clap::clap:



    Have I guessed right?

    I have searched and searched but your clue re the 15th May had me checking then I found a link to your blog and the scarf is a give away!!!

    I was nearly beside myself at the PO (mind you our post office is a tiny room with about 30 post boxes on one side and a door it is manned for 10 mins each day) But I had to wait cos I got other packages that same day and I wanted to savour it – it smelled divine and the postie/bus driver said everyone at the main PO had commented on it:lol:

    I love it all – the cards, the soap (now tucked into the new knickers I got last week:shy:), the dish cloths (good job with learning crochet:tup:), the trivet and the scarf

    I love the smell of the trivet so much I actually took it to bed with me:shy::shy: and the colour is DIVINE!

    and I have used the scarf to wrap around the metal bar at the head of my bed cos I often reach out to it while sleeping:shrug: and now my hand gets cold so the scarf is great for that – and the COLOURS are perfect – purple and green are my fav colours – the curtains in my bedroom are that exact blend in the scarf!!

    The crocheted dishcloth – my little DS thinks it should be on my head as he keeps getting it and putting it there!:clap::lol:

    The packaging was terrific and I have carefully folded all of it to be reused for other gifts from our household too

    Thank you so much Kirsty:hug::hug:

    I am amazed how each swap is just so suited to each person even with our limited knowledge of our SB’s


    Oh yay I was starting to worry it haddn’t arrived:lol: I had so much fun packing it all up. I’m embarrased now cause my crocheting has gotten heaps better than my first attempt LOL Oh well:shy:


    and double poo cause I forgot I had a link here to my blog and I posted about how much fun I had making the scarf:tup:


    Okay, I’m going to have my first guess.

    I’m guessing Judi B. She’s an accomplished sewer into quilting so I’d assume would have a super machine. Also resides in the general area of QLD where my parcel began it’s jouney.

    Judi B. Is it you? Did you make my lovely placemats?


    Kais Mummy

    Thank you to Liz(Jilumasam) , 4 very lovely dishcloths that I have put to work already!!!

    And to Margo,so glad you like your books,I enjoyed doing them for you.


    Erthgirl wrote:

    I recieved my swap on Tuesday (and sent my swap to my swap buddy then too.)

    Many many thanks swap buddy for a beautiful and thoughtful gift!! :hug::kiss:

    I received two handmade photo albums…. they are exquisite!! Custom made for my two little treasures… one for my little boy and one for my little girl….

    It incorporates all my favourite things… they are bound by beautiful green wool…. they have been hand painted with wooden spiral covers… they are textured and patterned and just beautiful… I am truly humbled by the amount of work that has gone into these and I am just so thankful.

    Thank you darling swap buddy!! :kiss1:

    Now I just need to work out who it is…. someone from NSW who has children (as they helped her choose the patterns for the pages of the albums etc….

    My first thought was Shadowdancer, but I see she is Marz’s SB so I’ll have to do some investigating…

    And I’ll post a pic when I have two spare seconds… been a very busy week helping my sister to pack up her house and move interstate.

    Thank you once again Swap Buddy…

    You are awesome!! :hug:

    Hooray!! I finally managed to take some pics of my beautiful swap present…

    Here tis…

    And thank you once again my lovely swap buddy… I’ve had three guesses so far as to who it might be and no indication of whether I’m warm or cold…

    So… based on the post code… I reckon it could be maybe redhen? or Darls?… or Busybee? hmmmm I’ll keep guessing 😀

    boy wrangler

    Oh my gosh, there are so many amazing gifts! Those albums are divine and the work gone into the placemats, holey dooley!

    I still haven’t received mine, off to pm Lady B. I hope it’s not lost somewhere!


    I so enjoy the swaps, it’s great fun participating and then more fun reading about the gifts and seeing some of them too. We’re lucky we have someone willing to do all the organising for us. :clap::clap::clap:


    boy wrangler

    Aren’t we Bobbee? Lady B does an amazing job, thanks B!!!!:hug:

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